Exclusive Celebrity Video Interviews

Conversations with Morgan

Note: Videos are not on HD Quality for easier upload & viewing.

       These are my exclusive interviews with my most loved celebrities and your favorite Stars. The first two interviews I had came as a surprise to me and both to Enchong Dee and Arron Villaflor. I visited them on the set of Maria La del Barrio without really having the intention of doing a video interview. We enjoyed the moment but I was in lost of words in some parts. I didn't have prepared questions and we just depended on the flow of the conversation. 

Right after, I started thinking of questions which will eventually make the interview worth watching. The JM De Guzman interview was kinda in a hurry and very informal and was my trial interview with prepared questions. He was tired and I was voiceless. But we still both managed to make it conversational and cute.  I hope so :)

Luis Manzano, a multi-awarded host was a dream interview for me. Not just because, he is my idol, my star, my friend, but because he is an inspiration and someone I looked up to in the fields of hosting and doing interviews. He made it easy for me!

The interview with Greggy Santos came out really smooth and fast. He is very articulate, smart and ruggedly handsome while my interview with Champ Lui Pio is one of my favorites. There was a chemistry. I Love him dearly. One of the sweetest and the coolest.

I'm arranging still conversations with the others stars. Hopefully this coming year! Hope you enjoy these interviews as much as I did! Here you go! 

Opening the year 2012 for The Morgan show are 3 interviews with 3 of my most loved celebrities; Robi Domingo, Enrique Gil & Gerald Anderson

A lot has changed with Robi; with the way he speaks, with the way he behaves & the way he opens-up. Still a little boy though but he is learning to loosen-up and becoming playful. The interview took place at the Pinoy Big Brother House. Almost 20-min. interview.

Enrique is one of the hottest celebrities we have today. I visited him on the set of Budoy in Antipolo. During break-time he was dancing 'Teach me How to Douggie' with the other stars to the tune of Butchikik! That's the reason why I used that song towards the end part of the interview.

My interview with Gerald was so refreshing. He was still very accommodating & welcoming despite the fact that he was very tired and still has a lot of scenes to go. Ge talks and acts with maturity. A true gentleman in everybit. Lovable!


I got to interview Zanjoe Marudo after his Showtime last March 10, we had lunch at Tj's Resto near ABS-CBN.  New questions came out really interesting & funny. He was so game and was in the mood to answer all questions. Plus he paid the bill. Sweet!

Got the chance to Interview Joseph Marco during the launch of Men's Health Magazine April Issue at Glorietta 5. He was with his Talent Manager; Keren Pascual; under the same management with Enchong Dee. However; the mall was about to close and the place wasn't really convenient for the interview.  Nevertheless, I still pushed with it since rarely that we see each other. This is just partial and will have its part 2 once I get to visit him on his new soap with ABS-CBN. He has finally redeemed himself to me. Hope you still get to enjoy the conversation even though it's bitin. 

An interview with Singer-Actor-Politician Alex Castro. During the latter part of the interview you'll see he is wearing a different top coz we had to re-do the interview since my iTouch didn't record it properly. How I wish you guys can the see that. It was more upbeat and exciting! But nevertheless everything still went well. Here you go! Enjoy!

I was very lucky that Derek Ramsay sat beside me during the Bloggers Conference of Viva Films newest movie ‘A Secret Affair’. I grabbed the chance right away of interviewing him for the Morgan Show. I know my time was limited so I focused only with the questions I think he’ll be more than happy to answer quickly. Much to my delight, Derek was so game and I guess had fun with the questions. Nothing really intriguing. I’ll try to schedule another interview in a better venue with better audio. But For now, Hope this will excite you and make you fall in love with him more.

While I was at the 'Star Magic Gives Back' concert in McKinley, I received a Go Signal from Edward Mendez that I can visit him on the set of his newest movie with Star Cinema's MMFF entry 'One More Try' somewhere in QC. So when I got the chance at around 10 pm, half way through the concert, I immediately went to see him. This sit down interview has been long overdue since the many times I attempted just didn't work. It was either our schedules won’t meet or location was just so far. 

I arrived on the set while he was shooting his last scene with lead stars Angel Locsin and Dingdong Dantes. Right after he finished, we started the interview at their standby area.

It was a reloaded November 22 for me visiting many celebrities as I can. First stop was Bryan Termulo. I had been arranging for this interview for quite sometime already. Luckily, we were both in ABS-CBN grounds so I decided to drop by his dressing room while he was preparing for his KrisTv guesting. The interview went fine. It’s just like conversation caught on cam. It was long yet smooth and just had minor editing.I actually enjoyed every moment of it.

I’m actually a little frustrated that my Exclusive Interview with Star Magic Hunk and Pinoy Fear Factor runner-up Manuel Chua got corrupted. It took a lot of troubleshooting, software downloads, restart, using different PCs just to the make the file work. Nevertheless, I’m still thankful that I got half of the interview recovered. Perhaps than can be enough for now and I’ll just try to arrange another interview with him.

When I found out that Martin del Rosario was going to attend the Kulintangtang Festival in one of the municipalities of South Cotabato, I immediately contacted ALV Talent Agency (who now handles Martin’s career) and requested from them a one on one exclusive interview with Martin. 

Can’t believe that it has been 10 years since the very first time I met Christian Bautista! He was just starting his career in the industry while I was about to finish college. That very first time took place in Gensan, the same place where we just had the interview over coffee.

If you have been checking out my interviews and articles on Morgan Magazine, you would know that most of the celebrities I featured are from ABSCBN, only seldom that I get to promote from other networks. Maybe becoz it is easier for me to set a schedule with a Kapamilya Star than with a Kapuso. GMA-7 didn’t have any conferences for Bloggers yet then. Only recently, that they started allotting events specifically for the online writers and bloggers. Here is a very special one on one interview with Dennis Trillo.

The few hours of hanging around the hotel was nothing compared to the more than 3 years of wanting to have Sam Milby as a guest on The Morgan Show. You can just imagine how delighted I was that it finally happened, almost 700 Miles outside Manila, in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City. 

I first met Rafael Rosell 6 years ago and from the little time that I haven't seen him, a lot has changed. He is a different person now; more mature, very focus and has set well his priorities. He also knows his responsibilities better not just to his job, to his followers, to his fans but also to mother earth. He now observes and promotes healthy living and a cleaner environment.

Nash Aguas had a taping of ‘Luv U’ when I visited him at Casa Milan in Fairview.  The location was far but that didn’t stop me from seeing and interviewing this incredible young guy who was ust once a little boy in my eyes. I was so happy to see him and that we finally had the chance to sit down and talk. 

Sid Lucero in Quezon City, a restaurant infront of ABS-CBN

Elmo Magalona during his birthday celebration at McDonald's Katipunan

Rocco Nacino at Microtel Hotel

Luke Jickain in Shangrila Edsa