Thursday, February 24, 2022

STAR MAGIC Talent CHANTAL Continues to Shine in KPOP IDOL Training with MLD ENTERTAINMENT


Notable highlights of Philippine entertainment news on a wider scope would often involve Filipino talents wowing international critics and audiences on an international stage. Sometimes it does not even need to be a homegrown personage. Celebrities of Filipino blood doing well in their performances and ventures can also be cheered upon. Then we have those local talent hopefuls that get once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be refined in their craft by overseas agencies. We have a recent example in SB19, the ShowBT-trained P-Pop boy band. Another young Pinoy star getting the South Korean-style star power development is a Kapamilya, singer-actress Chantal Videla.

The Philippine Star reports that Chantal Videla is well on her way to becoming a K-Pop-style idol. Her development is in the capable hands of MLD Entertainment (Duble Sidekick), which includes among its talents the K-Pop girl group MOMOLAND. In fact, MLD has been giving “Chanty” quite the push since her introduction to South Korean audiences in November of 2021. Already there is speculation that the label is shaping Videla up to become part of a new group in the vein of MOMOLAND. Reinforcing this is Chantal recently being seen with Shana Nonaka, a Japanese contestant of South Korean reality talent competition “Girls Planet 999.”

Chantal Videla has been a solid presence in many teleseryes produced over the years by ABS-CBN, like “Hiwaga ng Kambat” and “Starla” and other series developed under Dreamscape Entertainment. But Chanty, of Filipino-Argentian stock, is also a singer, and now her performances under MLD are building a grand online following through their YouTube channel. While there is no concrete hint yet that Videla would eventually become part of this new MLD girl group, the feeling is strong where her fans are concerned. MLD and ABS-CBN have been pretty tight ever since they inked a co-management agreement for MOMOLAND in 2019.

Image from MLD Entertainment YouTube channel


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