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One of the biggest and most recent challenges in hosting a beauty pageant competition has been, quite obviously, the pandemic that began last year. The only options back in 2020 were to either postpone to this year, or do a virtual competition. For 2021, especially as the year went on, the prospect of a live hosting for a pageant became cautiously good. The 70th Miss Universe pageant went off in Israel two Sundays ago after all. But with the rise of a new strain of the COVID virus, another major competition has decided to err on the side of caution. reports that the 70th Miss World beauty pageant that should have been held in 2020, then scheduled for December 16 last week only to be postponed, will now be done in March next year. This came in the wake of a rash of COVID-19 infections among the contestants and pageant personnel beginning on the 14th of the month. The official Miss World Facebook page announced this December 22 that the pageant will go on in March 16, 2022, still at the same coliseum venue in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Miss World organization president Julia Morley noted that they are now on final planning for the new pageant date next year. “Our team is thrilled that we will show all the wonders that Puerto Rico has to offer as a premier tourism destination to the entire world,” says Morley adding, “We love Puerto Rico.” The organizers assured that all pre-recorded material of the pageant, back when the coronation night date was still December 16, will remain in use for the new March schedule. Also as planned, the pageant night will be given a live broadcast to reach around the world.

Representing the Philippines for Miss World 2021 is Miss World Philippines 2021 winner Tracy Maureen Perez. Prior to the again-delayed coronation finale, Perez has already secured her spot in the Top 30 semifinalists during the Head-to-Head Challenges. She advanced to the second round of a group that included France and host Puerto Rico. For round 2 she bested Mexico. Tracy also won in the Beauty with a Purpose special awards. All in all, is was a good showing to reach the final stretch of Miss World from a Filipina bet who lost her footing twice onstage, the second time after being crowned MWP.

Much hope is being placed on Perez to become the second Filipina Miss World after Megan Young in 2013. Her final push will be seen in the coronation night for the Miss World 2021 pageant, now coming in March 16, 2022 instead.

Image courtesy of Philippine Star


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