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When it comes to K-Pop and the world, only a handful of names of individual performers and groups might be heard on the lips of many international fans. Among these would undoubtedly be BTS, the seven-man performing dynamo that has taken the planet by storm since the latter half of the 2010s. And they established this dominance by being very busy. BTS unleashed their English-language singles “Dynamite,” “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” on the English-speaking parts of the world. They became special ambassadors for their home country of South Korea. BTS even spoke to the UN General Assembly. In short, they have done a lot.

And that, as CNN Philippines reports, is why BTS is due for an “extended period of rest” once their engagements in the US are done. This was revealed by their label Big Hit Music on social media this Monday, December 6. After completing their stateside performances at the “Permission to Dance on Stage – LA” and “2021 Jingle Bell Tour,” the K-Pop juggernaut group will go on holiday break themselves with their families back in South Korea. This is their second officially-mandated mini-hiatus since 2019, and the boys have been extremely non-stop busy since that time.

On their statement, Big Hit Music notes the obvious in that BTS has committed themselves tirelessly with their entertainment activities. The break also happens to fall during the Holidays, and this would be the first time that Namjoon and the crew would be able to spend year-end off-time with their folks since they debuted. Therefore, the rest period will serve to “recharge and re-inspire” BTS to get their creative energy vibrant again. And they are going to need that reinvigorated creativity if they plan to start bouncing ideas for their next album, as well as a Seoul concert in March.

Big Hit ends their announcement with an exhortation to fans that they give BTS some space to celebrate their rest. The group does seem to be gearing for their best output yet, considering they are approaching the time when they must undergo their mandatory South Korean military service. They have deferments for until they are aged 30, but member Kim Seokjin (aka Jin) is already 29, and will hit 30 in December 4, 2022. At least one BTS member will hit 30 over the next four years, so fans have little time until the boy band loses people. For now, best to give BTS rest.

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