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There is nothing quite like a celebrity wedding to catch the attention of followers of the Philippine entertainment industry. Nowadays the focus on such events might be intensified due to the still-ongoing pandemic which can affect at least the wedding-guest capacity or at most, whether it would happen at all. One of the more recent Pinoy showbiz couples making plans to tie the knot soon are GMA7 talents Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana. One new trend in these things is the release of a prenuptial photo-shoot and video. Tom and Carla did both, with the latter being quite the production.

The Philippine Star has it that Kapuso romantic tandem Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana have put up their prenup pictures and video on social media this week, just ahead of their big wedding day this coming Saturday, October 23. The video clip makes for great silent storytelling and generating warm and fuzzy feelings with fans of the two. Directed by Bob Nicolas, the video is available for viewing on Abellana’s Instagram page. The photo-shoot on the other hand was done by wedding photographer Pat Dy, with some choice images shared by Rodriguez on his Instagram.

Nicolas’ three-minute video sees Tom and Carla inside a traditional Filipino home’s second floor, with the former doing a sketch on the latter. Humor and heartwarming blend together as Abellana proves to be a restless model, but Rodriguez perseveres until he finishes his drawing of her. When Tom shows it to Carla, it becomes an animated sequence of the two of them having a dance. The production credits then play over a scene of the soon-to-be wedded couple strolling through an orchard, and ends with their names together, of course.

As for the photo-shoot, it features Abellana and Rodriguez in a variety of outfits, posing in what is presumably the same orchard/farm where the video’s end credits were shot. Tom’s selection of photos on his social media account does show the two of them in suit and gown, posing on a church pew. He described the experience as being on a Dream Team, which he is with his soon-to-be wife. Photographer Pat Dy concurs, describing his work in finding the right location to take the couple’s prenup pictures. He also thanked Carla and Tom for putting their trust in him.

To Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana on their wedding day tomorrow, have our heartfelt congratulations.

Image from When in Manila


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