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One surefire indicator that a Philippine music artist or group somehow managed to build a visible overseas presence, is getting nominated for any edition of the MTV Music Awards. Often that category nomination would be for something like Best Act from Southeast Asia, especially if the MTV Music Awards is not the regional Asian version. Then again, the MTV Asian Music Awards (and Philippine Awards) were last held back in the 2000s, so recognition can now only come from the US or Europe. But we digress. The thing is, a Philippine Pop act did get an MTV nomination, for Europe.

The Philippine Star reports that P-Pop boy band SB19 is a nominee at the next MTV Europe Music Awards for the Best Southeast Asian Act category. This honor is the second time a Philippine music artist got some representation at the European-based awards show. SB19 is vying for the Best Southeast Asian Act award alongside a formidable ensemble of SEA talent: Indonesia’s Lyodra, Malaysia’s Naim Daniel, Singapore’s JJ Lin, Thailand’s Ink Warunton, and Vietnam’s K-ICM. Perhaps the quintet act of Josh, Justin, Ken, Sejun and Stell will win this accolade from MTV Europe that eluded their predecessors in 2020, Ben&Ben.

SB19 has been making greater strides in international presence even before getting their MTV Europe nomination. Back in April the group became the first Philippine and Southeast Asian artist/group to be nominated in the Top Social Artist category of the Billboard Music Awards. The only reason they did not win was because they were beaten by South Korea’s BTS. But for SB19, a group trained similarly to K-Pop idols, to share a category on the Billboard Awards with THE K-Pop act here and now, is already an achievement worth remembering.

The 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards will be hosted in Hungary next month, November 15. The ceremony will be broadcast live on MTV channels in 180 countries around the world. Fans can vote for various categories, including Best SEA Act for SB19, on the official awards website. Voting only lasts until the 10th of November.

Image: CNN Philippines


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