Thursday, September 16, 2021

Singer-Actor INIGO PASCUAL Joins Cast of US Musical Drama “MONARCH” Premiering on FOX Network This 2022


When he first broke into the Philippine entertainment scene in 2014, Inigo Pascual proved that he was definitely a chip off the old block that is his father, heartthrob Piolo Pacual. Both are good-looking and talented actors, while also being accomplished singers and recording artists. Here Inigo also shines as a songwriter, and this side holds equal weight alongside his acting career. Now at age 24, the younger Pascual has made inroads to international stardom thanks to some of his performances being streamed on Netflix. Perhaps that might explain why US network Fox has tapped him for a musical drama they will release next year.

The Manila Bulletin reports that FOX Network has tapped Inigo Pacual to join their upcoming series production “Monarch,” premiering in late January this coming 2022. It is his first full foray into international acting, and as a bonus he might be called on to showcase his singing talent for this show, which will also focus on music. Just how big his upcoming role will be is highlighted in his being a cast regular alongside such a big name as veteran American actress Susan Sarandon. Their proposed character roles will be grand-related by adoption after all.

“Monarch” is developed by show-runner Melissa London Hilfers, and will focus on the trials and tribulations of a three-generation Texas family that is an indelible fixture in American country music. The Roman Family is headed by Albie (Trace Adkins) and Dottie Roman (Sarandon), the latter being hailed in-universe as the Queen of Country Music. The family’s musical trade is carried on through the now-grown Roman children: Gigi (Beth Ditto), Nicky (Anna Friel) and Luke (Joshua Sasse). Nicky Roman wants to uphold the family legacy and still be acknowledged as her own celebrity, and she and her husband Clive Grayson have a musically gifted adopted son, 18-year-old Ace, played by Inigo.

Inigo Pascual is no slouch in music or acting, with several films, TV performances, series episode guesting, and show hosting duties under his belt. He also has two studio albums with the second, “Options,” releasing only this past June. Playing a young man with aspirations for making it into music seems just Inigo’s thing, with the “Monarch” blurb underlining that his character Ace will face challenges to his journey in the American country music scene. The show premieres January 30 next year on FOX Network.

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