Wednesday, September 1, 2021

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 11 to Launch as FREE UPGRADE to Existing WINDOWS 10 Devices Starting OCTOBER 5


It has just been half a decade or so since Microsoft unveiled what they termed as the last version of their Windows operating system for PC. By this they meant that they were shifting their Windows development from periodic releases of new editions every few years, instead making regular updates to an OS that has been offered as free upgrades to previous versions of the OS. In other words, Microsoft Windows transitioned from “product” to “service,” with the company’s revenues coming from online transactions for premium apps and work platforms. Still, their next big update was substantial enough to make it Windows 11, replacing Win-10 sometime before the year ends.

When, exactly? It is this coming October 5, according to The Verge. Microsoft Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10 which first released in 2015, will be offered as a free upgrade for PCs running Win-10 and with eligible system requirements a few days into next month. And any new PCs with pre-installed Windows that will ship out to buyers after October 5th are sure to have Win-11. For devices opting for free upgrades, priority for upgrading will be given first to newer models, with older versions’ turn following a few days or weeks later.

As October draws nearer, the Windows Update app of every Windows 10-installed device will begin alerting users on when Windows 11 is ready to install. Update will also rudimentarily check if the device’s systems are eligible for the requirements of the upcoming OS. Microsoft actually has a more in-depth analysis for system readiness via its PC Health Check app, which at present can only be accessed (in preview version) by Windows Insider program members. And even when it launches, Win-11 will not be a complete package of goodies, with some announced features not yet available.

For example, Microsoft has inked a partnership with Amazon and Intel to allow Windows 11 to run Android apps. New Win-11 users will have to wait for some time after October 5 for that, perhaps even until next year. Windows Insiders have even yet to get to try out that preview. As for users who feel that their PC or device do not match the Win-11 system requirements, Microsoft reveals that the OS can be installed via ISO method on any hardware with 64-bit 1GHz processor with at least two cores, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and TPM 1.2 chip. Even then, this workaround will result in an unsupported installation that will not receive Windows Updates.

Even with Windows 11 soon to take over, Windows 10 is assured continuing support from Microsoft until October 2025; so current users unsure or not yet sold on the upgrade can wait for a while.

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