Thursday, September 16, 2021

APPLE Reveals iPHONE 13 Series: SAME Features as 12, But MORE POWERFUL


The trend with tech gadgets nowadays is that the improvements from one current model to next upcoming one begins to feel rather small-steps. Perhaps it is because most tech manufacturers are committed to an annual release of new products. As a result the improvements seem to be just a wee bit more than what last year’s model offered, with big feature updates being relegated to a few years’ intervals or so. Apple has been part of this trend, with a new iPhone to offer regular users year after year. The iPhone 13, first introduced last Tuesday, had no distinctive new additions. But the spec improvements were notably several steps up.

As told by The Verge, it was a performance-beefy if not tech-groundbreaking iPhone 13 that was revealed in the virtual Apple event last September 14. It does the exact same things and has probably the same amount of features that 2020’s iPhone 12 has. The difference is that it does them all better, as in twice better in some respects. And what Apple holds over its competitors is that these spec updates did not result in a price change between the 13 and 12 lines.

The iPhone 13 presentation said the cameras are even better than before. And indeed, the sensors on the now-familiar lenses-in-upper-right-square configuration are larger, allowing 47% more light to be captured in a shot over the iPhone 12. Sensor-shift optical image stabilization from the 12 Pro Max is a standard now, plus the new, bigger pixel size of 1.9μm is notable. The new A15 Bionic processors are faster than 12’s A14. The storage is twice larger than its predecessor too, and the battery life getting an additional 2.5 hours is as much for plus points as having more 5G potential. All in all, the iPhone 13 is just a more powerful 12, and that seems fine.

In addition to the basic iPhone 13, Apple also unveiled the model variants: the more compact iPhone 13 Mini, and the higher-end iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. These ones pack the ProMotion display refresh rate of a sweet 120Hz, plus computational photography perks. All of Apple’s newest iPhones will become officially available Friday next week, September 24. This is remarkable given the tech giant’s public admission that their manufacturing has been affected by the pandemic-driven global chip shortage. The true mettle of the iPhone 13 will be seen when it hits shelves next week.

Image from AppleInsider


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