Friday, September 24, 2021

ANDREW E. Goes Classic 1990s Comedy for “SHOOT SHOOT” Premiering on VIVAMAX Streaming this OCTOBER


When talking about long-running tandems in Philippine showbiz, Viva Films and rapper-comedian Andrew E. go way back. During the early-mid 1990s Andrew starred in a series of comedy films produced by Viva. In fact, his acting debut in 1991 was in a Viva movie inspired by his debut single “Humanap Ka ng Panget.” These films also established a character archetype for Andrew based on his rap songs, one that Viva Films must have kept in mind for their latest collaboration. As the latest original addition to their VIVAMAX streaming platform, Viva Films is bringing Andrew E back for “Shoot Shoot.”

As the Philippine Star would have it, Viva Films and Andrew E are going back to basics with the production of “Shoot Shoot: Di Ko Siya Titigilan,” premiering on streaming next month. For starters, the film and its title are based again on the veteran rapper-comedian’s discography. “Shoot Shoot” was released in 2004 and was followed this year by “Shoot Shoot” (Part 2). The latter actually made waves in the local TikTok scene for its catchiness. But that was not all. As Viva relates on Andrew E’s Instagram page, they are reviving Andrew E’s film typecast as the “ultimate f-boy.”

Another element of Andrew’s old Viva movies that returns in “Shoot Shoot” is him being surrounded by beautiful girls. Even now, at age 54, that has not changed one bit for Andrew considering his costars for this film, AJ Raval and Sunshine Guimary. These two babes from Viva’s talent pool complement the rapper and comic as he breezes through another misadventure with nostalgic slapstick comedy. Given the risks of such blatant throwbacks to audience reception (and the pandemic), releasing “Shoot Shoot” on VIVAMAX is a safe bet to gauge viewer appreciation of nostalgia for classic Andrew E comedy in film.

“Shoot Shoot” stars Andrew as an aspiring actor from the boonies who lands a dream role as the heir to a wealthy family. His decision to practice his lines at home makes his neighborhood believe that he has landed some big money. Soon Andrew’s character Jack is beset by beautiful women throwing themselves at him to try and marry into his “fortune.” And then there are some people with more sinister plans. The movie starts streaming on VIVAMAX Plus (PPV) this October 1, before hitting regular VIVAMAX on October 8.

Image courtesy of Viva Entertainment


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