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When the adult animated series “Rick and Morty” premiered on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late-night block way back in 2013, viewers immediately latched on to the character design of mad scientist Rick Sanchez. His attire of white lab coat and shock of white hair standing on end looked similar to the equally eccentric but more kind-hearted Dr. Emmett Brown from “Back to the Future.” His nephew and constant companion in misadventures is the nice but panicky Morty Smith, pegged as similar to Doc Brown’s own sidekick Marty McFly. Things finally came to a head this weekend when Adult Swim released “Rick and Morty” teasers featuring “Doc Brown” playing his “expy.”

Screen Rant has it that two short live-action teasers for “Rick and Morty” were released by Adult Swim on September 3 and then 5 this past weekend. The teasers were notable for having Rick Sanchez’ actor: Christopher Lloyd, who portrayed the “Back to the Future” lead character who inspired the character of Rick in the first place. The September 3 teaser was minimal in having Rick and his nephew/sidekick Morty (Jaeden Martell from “It” and “Knives Out”) emerging from a portal, with Rick announcing they are home and Morty grousing.

The second “Rick and Morty” live-action teaser on September 5 made greater reference of the source animated series, where Morty needles his uncle on wanting to eat a large pickle. “Haven’t you learned anything,” asks Morty, only for Rick to take a bite out of the pickle and declare, “Never!” Adult Swim fans would recall season 3 episode 3 (2017) when the cynical, antisocial Rick turned himself into a pickle to avoid going to therapy with his daughter and her two children (Morty among them). It is interesting that Adult Swim labeled the teasers with the show’s in-universe parallel-dimension labeling scheme, with series canon being C-137, teaser 1 being C-132, and C-1.21 for teaser 2.

“Rick and Morty” season 5 began on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim this past June, and ended on September 5. The live-action teasers with Christopher Lloyd and Jaeden Martell might have been hype for the season finale. They could also be early promotion for the already green-lit season 6, premiering possibly next year. Said teasers certainly intensified calls for a live-season adaptation of “Rick and Morty,” possibly a movie, with Lloyd in the role. Animated Rick (and Morty too) are voiced by series co-creator Justin Roiland.

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