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Last year, Japanese anime studio Sunrise gave one of the best pick-me-ups anime fans would get during the ravages of the global pandemic: a sequel/spinoff of long-running anime series “Inuyasha,” based on Rumiko Takahashi’s manga. This new anime, “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon,” premiered in October (with an English dub by Viz following next month) and ran for 24 episodes, chronicling the adventures of three half-demon girls travelling between medieval Japan and modern-day Tokyo to search for their missing family, memories, and the ones responsible for taking them. The finale which aired this past March was an epic, tragic cliffhanger. Surely that was not the ultimate end?

Of course not; Sunrise was quick to announce a follow-up season to “Yashahime,” and has it that a trailer for that season was released going into the previous weekend. Sunrise and Viz uploaded the trailer come August 6, and the scene depicted did not mince words on what will be happening next in the lives of Towa Higurashi, Moroha, and Towa’s sister Setsuna who was killed in the battle during the season 1 finale.

As seen right from the first scenes of the trailer, Setsuna’s soul is taken by spirits to the underworld, and Towa must follow her there, carrying the broken blade of Tensaiga, the sword of their demonic father Sesshoumaru which has the power to revive the dead. There is also a scene where Setsuna’s spear is revealed to have been forged by the demon blacksmith Totosai, who created the swords used by Sesshoumaru and his half-demon half-brother Inuyasha. Next, Towa meets a spirit that apparently gives her a new sword in her arsenal, called the Zanseiken. The money-shot is when Moroha, hanging on to a flying spirit, sees her parents Inuyasha and Kagome, where they recognize each other. And then, there is the matter of their rematch with Kirinmaru, Setsuna’s killer.

While original fans from “Inuyasaha” may have felt that the first 24 episodes of “Yashahime” were somewhat disjointed and slow going (like the source anime, actually), they might be more comfortable with how the plot for “Yashahime” season 2 is moving at a faster speed. Then again, it might just be the trailer editing that makes it so. But it would be better to hope that the secret of Kirinmaru, the still-missing Inuyasha and Kagome, and other mysteries of the show will be unraveled across season 2 of “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon,” premiering on October 2 in Japan, with Viz following up with an English dub sometime later in the fall.

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