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In the city of Koronadal, not too far from GenSan, there is a restaurant that has been serving Koronadaleños and visiting tourists for the past four years. Their signature dish: beef steaks. Many who have already had a bite or more there, would say that they have the best grilled steaks one could have in all of South Cotabato, well worth the trip a lot of food aficionados could make from GenSan or any part of the province. Nothing beats celebrating the best events of your life like having a prime steak meal from Gab's Yard.

The brainchild of master Chef George Morales, Gab’s Yard Steak House and Grill opened its doors back in 2017, and in that span of time they have cemented themselves as a prominent fixture of Koronadal’s culinary scene. It is easy enough when the steaks they offer come from imported high-quality beef. We are talking about American-raised Aberdeen Angus beef (originating from Scotland, UK) and Wagyu (from Japan, but crossbred with US beef cattle). They also have beef from Homegrown Australian cattle, locally raised in top ranches around GenSan and Bukidnon.

Whatever the cut of beef you want grilled as a steak, Gab’s Yard has got you covered, from Ribeye (boneless or bone-in) to T-bone and Porterhouse. You get a choice in steak doneness (rare to well-done) and serving, whether presented in a classic plate or the popular “sizzling style” hot plate presentation. All imported prime beef are approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) overseas, and on this end they are also certified Halal, so there really is no excuse to skip out of trying Gab’s Yard top steaks when you are in town.

But while Gab’s Yard is a Steak House first and foremost, they would not have lasted and thrived in the business for four years if they did not offer much in choice of meals. Another specialty of the establishment, thanks to their relative closeness to freshwater lakes and sea, is seafood. The Gab’s Seafood Platter Overload boasts no less than 8 kinds of seafood – crabs, shrimps, tuna (belly), calamari, squids, mussels, cream dory and tilapia – served with Paco ferns, seaweed, steamed Okra and fried eggplants, at group servings from 4 to a sizeable 10-15 people.

Are these signature dishes too “heavy” for you? No worries; they have great solo meals that will fit your budget. Here perhaps you will best see the wide variety of cuisine that Gab’s Yard has in store: beef, fish and chicken. Veggie-lovers will appreciate their salad menu, featuring healthy options from California Maki to their best seller, fruit and nut salad. Chicken steak is another absolute crowd favorite, while teriyaki and Inasal style can also be had, as are soups from tinola to sinigang and bulalo. And if you do not fancy a full beef steak, then perhaps you can go for these prime beef being made into burgers, single or double patties with fries and iced tea.

By the way, even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Koronadal residents and what limited tourists can appreciate how Gab’s Yard has kept on serving the community even in such trying times. What is more, they actually introduced their newest hit menu item: rice bowls. Three distinct Asian tastes in Japanese, Korean and Singaporean, can be had in Gab’s Asian Bowls. Meat-filled Japanese beef bowl, flavorful Kimchi beef rice bowl (their top item to order via Foodpanda) and spicy hot Laksa are all available for your international tastes. When we said they have all corners of food covered, we mean it, and some.

For Gab’s Yard Steak House and Grill, steak is their passion as is part of their very name. Their specialty beef steaks are a fine balance of true quality and reasonable affordability, backed by a robust seafood selection and an expanded short- and solo-meal menu, and they always have new items to tickle your fancy. Chef Morales is very hands-on with his work, and can assure customers of always having quality ingredients for their steaks and other dishes in stock.

Drop in for a hearty meal at Gab’s Yard Steak House and Grill, located at Arellano Street beside Agan Homes, Roamsceville in Barangay Santa Cruz, Koronadal City. If you would like more information on what gastronomic delights you can expect there, visit Gab’s official website at, or check out their official Facebook page for updates, promos and menu additions. You may also contact them at (083) 877 9151 (landline), 0917 701 0529 (mobile), or at (email) to inquire about catering and events. Gab’s Yard is open from 11AM to 9PM every day. For online delivery in Koronadal, they are also listed on Foodpanda.

Images: Gab’s Yard Facebook page


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