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The premise of The CW series “Batwoman” has Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane (and after her, ex-con drifter Ryan Wilder) taking up the bat-mantle to protect Gotham City from violent crime and super-villains after the longtime disappearance of Batman/Bruce. The thing is, despite taking over Batman’s job, the two Batwomen were mostly focused on antagonists connected to them, while the classic Bat-rogues were no-shows. The season 2 finale hinted at their resurgence when various items of theirs held in the Batcave get out into the city. The most prominent character foreshadowing has been fulfilled with the casting of Poison Ivy.

Entertainment Weekly tells us that The CW has tapped actress Bridget Regan to portray the role of Batman villainess Dr. Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy in the upcoming third season of “Batwoman.” The official character blurb for the new cast addition describes Regan’s role as a former Gotham University botany student, whose initial well-meaning ideals are twisted after a colleague experimented on her with modified plant toxins that turned her into a misanthropic eco-terrorist. Her borderline-genocidal plans have been foiled by Batman in the past. But with him gone, it may be time for Poison Ivy to return, with Ryan Wilder/Batwoman and her support team having to prepare for her.

Regan has a varied TV filmography, from straight drama like “Jane the Virgin” to more intense action epics like “Legend of the Seeker” where she starred as Kahlan Amell. She also has superhero TV acting under her belt, sort of, due to her role in ABC’s “Agent Carter” as Soviet sleeper agent (and Black Widow precursor) Dottie Underwood. The addition of Poison Ivy to “Batwoman” was hinted by show-runner Caroline Dries on social media over the weekend, where she teased news that will make other TV shows “green with envy.”

“Batwoman” goes into season 3 with Ryan Wilder having officially inherited the role of the female caped crusader of Gotham, after Kate Kane (portrayed by Wallis Day starting season 2) gives her blessing and leaves the city to search for Bruce Wayne. Aside from Bridget Regan as Poison Ivy, the third season introduces Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya (carrying over the Batman-affiliated role in a new iteration from Fox’s “Gotham”), Robin Givens as Jada Jet, and Nick Creegan as Marcus Jet. The series returns to The CW on October 13.

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