Friday, August 20, 2021

SHOPEE Scores Advertising Masterstroke by Making JACKIE CHAN Brand Ambassador for “9.9 SUPER SHOPPING DAY”


To wrangle up celebrity endorsers and brand ambassadors for their online marketplace platform, Singapore-based e-commerce juggernaut Shopee has so far been taking from the same playbook as its other contemporaries like rival service Lazada. That is to go young and hip, from K-Pop acts to K-drama stars and maybe a local celebrity from every country Shopee operates in. For their latest ambassadorship however, Shopee did an opposite turn of sorts. Their next endorser is quite the entertainment veteran, but still memorable and very iconic. You cannot be more legendary than the Kung Fu, comedy and stunt master Jackie Chan, right?

As The Manila Standard tells it, Shopee has tapped none other than Hong Kong movie superstar Jackie Chan to be their latest brand ambassador. As such, he features in a wild commercial advertising the e-commerce platform’s next monthly sale on September 9 (9.9 Super Shopping Day). The ad was also geared for Philippine Shopee sellers and customers, considering that the 67-year-old cinematic giant drops a few words of Filipino in the end. Already the commercial’s YouTube video and local social media as a whole is flipping their lid with reactions to the quirky Shopee ad.

The commercial starts conventionally enough with a bamboo grove set and two Kung Fu martial artists challenging Jackie Chan to fight (he is identified right from the get-go). He beats his opponents around, but they try to charge him again when a Shopee alert tone interrupts, followed by Jackie waving them off while he pulls out his phone. A quick Shopee-orange jacket costume change later, Chan and a whole line of backup performers dance to the online marketplace’s jingle, itself using the tune of another famous meme (“Baby Shark,” as if you did not know). When it was over, Jackie says, in Tagalog, “Buy now at Shopee. Thank you, Shopee.”

In a follow-up statement, Jackie Chan expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Shopee to hype their 9.9 Sale event. “It’s exciting to partner with Shopee to celebrate the action-packed year-end festival and bring more joy to my fans and Shopee users,” he says, “I had a lot of fun working with Shopee and I think people of all ages will enjoy the activities and content that we have prepared together. I hope everyone can join us to make the year-end shopping season a memorable one.”

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