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Their secret wedding in February 2020 was one of the happy major local events which transpired on that year before the Philippines was shut down for the first time by the COVID-19 pandemic. The union of heartthrob Matteo Guidicelli and contemporary Pop icon Sarah Geronimo created one of the newest power couples in Pinoy showbiz, one that serves as cross-network politics with Guidicelli hosting TV shows on TV5 even as his wife does the same on ABS-CBN productions airing in cable’s Kapamilya Channel, with block-time simulcasts of some stuff on TV5. Aside from their television commitments not much has been mentioned regarding their home life…until Matteo teased Sarah’s possible pregnancy.

It all started, as told by the Philippine Star, with a rather innocent social media post by Matteo Guidicelli this past Monday, August 16. Captioning two Instagram photos of him, one leaning against a playground jungle gym and another playing traditional game Piko, Guidicelli mentioned considering the purchase of a “new family SUV.” With SUVs becoming the Philippines’ top choice for family transportation since the previous decade, the implications seemed rather on-the-nose. It has been over a year and a half since he and Sarah Geronimo were married; that seems to be plenty of time.

And all the baby-hinting between Matteo and Sarah G has been going on for quite a while. Back in July they posted a video of her birthday celebration on social media. It showed Mrs. G about to blow the candles on her birthday cake when Guidicelli, standing to one side, abruptly reminded his wife what to wish for: “Babies! Babies, okay?” Back to Matteo’s recent IG post, it does seem suspicious that a mention of a family SUV would go with a pic of him playing a children’s game. If the baby signaling is for real, then perhaps some advanced congratulations are now in order for Matteo and Sarah G.

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