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From 2005 to 2014 on CBS, a single father portrayed by Josh Radnor regaled his teenaged children with a nine-season running story about how he met the woman who became their mother. With 30 Emmy Award nominations, of which it won 10, the aptly titled “How I Met Your Mother” became a choice sitcom to watch on television, even if its positive reception early on began two dwindle towards the series finale. In 2016 a gender-flipped spinoff, “How I Met Your Father,” was announced in development, though not until this year did it find a lead star in Hillary Duff and home on Hulu streaming.

Now, as told by The Hollywood Reporter, the cast of Hulu’s upcoming “How I Met Your Father” was expanded with new additions, establishing the main core of characters to watch in this 10-episode streaming sitcom. Actress Hillary Duff was announced as the lead back in April, the same time that Hulu ordered the long-percolating “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff to series on their platform. A prior pitch of the show in 2013, “How I Met Your Dad,” was passed up on by CBS the following year after no other network volunteered to pick up.

Joining Duff, who plays Sophie, are an ensemble of actors and actresses cast as Sophie’s circle of close friends in 2021 New York, the start of the story told as framing device by the Sophie character in the future to her son about how she met his father. Chris Lowell (“Veronica Mars”) portrays Jesse, an Uber driver and would-be musician. Francia Raisa (“Grown-ish”) is Valentina, stylist and Sophie’s roommate/best friend. Tom Ainsley (“The Royals”) is British model Charlie, who met Valentina in London and followed her back to NYC. Comedian Tien Tran is cast as Jesse’s adoptive sister Ellen, from the countryside. Finally, “Life of Pi” star Suraj Sharma is Jesse’s roommate, bar owner Sid.

“How I Met Your Mother” co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas return as writers and executive producers for “How I Met Your Father,” while Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker serve as show-runners and original series director Pam Fryman gets back in the chair. Duff is also part of the producer posse for the sitcom, which has yet to be given a premiere date by Hulu.

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