Monday, August 9, 2021

“ANIMANIACS” SEASON 2 TRAILER Reveals Long-Awaited Premiere Date on HULU


If one were to name some TV programming that helped make the latter part of 2020 – year 1 of the COVID pandemic – a bit more enjoyable, there is a good chance somebody is going to mention “Animaniacs.” That wacky animated comedy musical series from 1993 was revived in grand fashion at streaming service Hulu in November of last year, with the original voice cast and Steven Spielberg himself back as executive producer. From a spoof of “Jurassic Park” serving as cold open, to an anime-inspired segment in episode 4, “Animaniacs” feels like it touched old fans and garnered new ones.

One should not be surprised therefore that a season 2 of “Animaniacs” has been cleared on Hulu. The question of when that season will air was answered over the weekend. Screen Rant tells us that a trailer was released by Hulu on their official YouTube channel last August 7, showing a meta-leaning teaser for the next season of “Animaniacs.” With a program that has been brimming with parody and satire in both old and new iterations, a fourth-wall-breaking ad was pretty much expected. And it only needed just over half a minute to get the mood and point well across.

The trailer sees Wakko Warner (Jess Harnell) staring intently at his tablet computer, with the display “Season 2 Loading” and a loading bar that was taking too long to fill up. Scenes are intercut showing the Warners on the tablet screen wanting to watch the show; the same for Pinky much to the Brain’s exasperation. Then there is a press conference where the Warner’s get asked by a reporter just when exactly season 2 of the revival was going to arrive. At last however, the bar is fully loaded, and when nearby Yakko (Rob Paulsen) asks Wakko what he is watching, the latter flashes his tablet, which reads: “November 5.”

A gag about the long wait for “Animaniacs” season 2 on Hulu is understandable. The revival premiered in November 20, 2020 with all of its 13 episodes (3 story segments each) available for straight binge-watching. That left fans with no new stuff for most of 2021. The fact that the next season is coming less than a full year after the debut is therefore a massive relief. Expect more wacky hijinks and crazy parodies from the Warners, Pink and the Brain, and more, when “Animaniacs” returns November 5 on Hulu.

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