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The world is not quite out of the woods yet where COVID-19 is concerned, but there are signs that normalcy is fighting back to return things to how it used to be. Some movies slated for premiere in 2020 but postponed during the heyday of the pandemic finally released at a number of cinemas this year. Limited seating, yes; but that is a notable improvement. Some live events such as media awards shows went virtual last year, only to try for a similarly-limited live audience come 2021. The Primetime Emmy Awards is an example. But first, it needs the nominees.

Speaking of which, the nominees for the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards two months from now are finally revealed, as told by Entertainment Weekly. The official announcement took place as a virtual event this past Tuesday, July 13. The Emmy-winning tandem of dad Ron Cephas Jones (“This is Us”) and daughter “Jasmine Cephas Jones (“Hamilton” and “#FreeRayshawn”) presented the primetime TV shows and personalities running from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021 that have caught the eye of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) for a chance at a Primetime Emmy come September.

Looking at the nominees and where they originate, one can surmise that the balance of audience attention has shifted more from TV networks to streaming services. Of the top five networks, only one hails from television: HBO, and only in second place with 24 Primetime Emmy nominations this edition. Netflix is on top with 27, while the relative new hotness of Disney+ is third at 21. NBC, FX, CBS, and ABC between them only have 24 nominations total, making it pretty clear where viewer choices fall on these days. Not even in individual programs do TV shows get a break.

For instance, Apple TV+ comedy series Ted Lasso is the most nominated program for this year’s Emmys with 13, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor (Comedy) and multiple cast members in Outstanding Supporting Actor (Comedy). Old rivals Netflix and Hulu continue to flex at each other with “The Crown” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” respectively, both tied at 11 noms. Disney+ is close behind with its most-nominated program (with eight) being the MCU series “WandaVision” ( including Limited/Anthology Outstanding Series, Lead Actor and Lead Actress, Supporting Actress and Directing). “Star Wars” spinoff “The Mandalorian,” curiously, is on the Outstanding Drama Series, with four other nominations.

The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards will be held on September 19 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, with a limited live audience of nominees and other guests, airing on CBS and streaming on Paramount+.

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