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Sometimes one cannot help but get the feeling that mobile device manufacturers around the world that are working on folding-touchscreen tech for their gadgets are only doing so to one-up the competition. Folding screens are notoriously fragile and easily damaged, so the smartphone/tablet-makers try to offer their units as sturdy enough to last (until the latest model comes in, of course). For companies Samsung, they are also capitalizing on nostalgia for flip-top folding phones, as their Galaxy Z Flip from last year demonstrates. And apparently they have the follow-up ready to introduce; if only it and Samsung’s other upcoming new devices did not get spoiled.

Yep, there has been another Samsung gadget leak over this past weekend according to The Verge. That would be courtesy of the usual suspect, Evan Blass. He just broke what new electronics Samsung is planning to debut at their next “Unpacked” event, which has also been pegged by the leak to allegedly be happening next month, August 11. The reveals are for the more esoteric of their product lineup: the next Galaxy Z Fold phone-tablet, the next Galaxy Z Flip as stated above, what looks to be the mid-range variant of the Galaxy S21, new Samsung Watches and Galaxy Buds.

First we have the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the third iteration of the Korean electronics giant’s foray into folding touchscreens. It will follow up on the Z Fold 2 which was released September last year. That one improved on the folding display of 2019’s original by adding an ultra-thin glass layer on the plastic screen, so one must wonder what new advances the Z Fold 3 has. Curiously, the new Z Flip folding smartphone is numbered 3, which means that the original Z Flip (4G) and its 5G iteration are now 1 and 2.

Blass also included GIFs of what is apparently the Galaxy S21 FE, the mid-range alternative to the S21 that released this past January. It seems to be carrying over the design aesthetic of how the Galaxy S20 FE looked similar to the base S20, with how the S21 and FE versions have near-identical looks and dimensions. The two Samsung smart-watches included in the leak might correspond to the rumored Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Galaxy Watch Active 4, though there is speculation on which is which. And finally, there is the graphic for what might be the Galaxy Buds 2.

Now, all there is for the moment are GIF images of the new Samsung gadgets, with no confirmed details on the specs for each. We will just have to wait for more word from the company itself, now that their surprises for the next “Unpacked” event have been made known.

Image courtesy of SiliconANGLE


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