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Few are the dedicated singing and recording artists who can convincingly make the break into acting. In recent years, one of the surprise stories in this vein is that of Lady Gaga. Her role as an aspiring singer mentored by a troubled country music star in Warner Bros.’ “A Star is Born” (2018) was positively received. Audiences were captivated by Gaga assuming a characterization somewhat removed from her “Mother Monster” image, and were convinced that she could go for it again. And so it is that Gaga is starring in a film by MGM, but as a flamboyant character with similarities to her iconic stage persona and a murderous streak.

Lady Gaga is one of the lead stars for “House of Gucci,” a film directed by versatile filmmaker Ridley Scott for MGM. Its first trailer was released this past Thursday, July 29 according to Entertainment Weekly. This crime biopic will depict the dramatic 1995 assassination of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), then head of the Gucci fashion house in Italy, under orders from his bitter ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani, who will be played by Lady Gaga. Say goodbye to the earnest Alley that she was in “A Star is Born.” As Reggiani, Gaga is a believable monster.

The cast, as can be seen in the trailer marquees, is a veritable ensemble of Academy Award winners and nominees, with Gaga and Driver respectively being just the first. Jared Leto flexes his character acting chops anew as Maurizo’s uncle Paolo Gucci, the family label’s former design boss. The rest of the Gucci clan is ably represented by Al Pacino (Aldo) and Jeremy Irons (Rodolfo). Other notables include Jack Huston as former Gucci president and CEO Domenico de Sole, and Salma Hayek as Guiseppina Auriemma.

The “House of Gucci” trailer frames a tale of love formed and lost, of how a marriage between Maurizio and Patrizia would deteriorate as the latter jockeys for influence over the former from the rest of his powerful fashion family the House of Gucci, culminating in their divorce and her eventual masterminding of her ex-husband’s murder. It also follows Gucci’s journey from family business to a mere luxury brand subsidiary. The film will be released this coming November 24, by United Artists Releasing in the US and Universal Pictures internationally.

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