Tuesday, July 20, 2021

KYLIE PADILLA, ANDREA TORRES Share Intense Romantic Photos for #BETCIN, Upcoming Project Under REIN ENTERTAINMENT


It may come across as cold, but one hallmark of a great actor or actress is the ability to screen out their real life in order to deliver only as the role they are assuming for a production requires. Kapuso star Kylie Padilla has a rather heavy personal life recently, but it might be hard to see such when looking at her photos on social media, promoting a new upcoming project. Similarly, there seems to be no solid hint as to what this production is all about, until photos of Kylie and costar Andrea Torres gave fans quite the eyeful.

GMA News has it that there are telltale steamy hints regarding the upcoming project starring Kylie Padilla and Andrea Torres, who both posted photos of themselves together in some emotionally evocative photos on their respective Instagram pages. Dated just this Tuesday, July 20, the promotional images show Kylie, in her new short hairdo, face inches away from Andrea, both of them framed in shadow. Andrea captioned her post: “Is it all gone? Is there nothing left between the two of us? We were happy for quite a while.” Kylie for her part wrote some cryptic song lyrics in Tagalog. Both of them tagged their posts #Betcin, with Torres adding @reinentertainment.

For those following Kylie’s social media activity however, the girl-on-girl romantic overtones of the photo-shoots were spoiled over a month ago, when she photographed her script book from Rein Entertainment with a cover graphic of two women holding hands. The fact that the book also indicates four episodes means it is no movie, but a series that would air either on TV or streaming. The #Betcin tag is also a key hint, but there are no further clues yet to decipher it. So now Kylie and Andrea get to tease the fans until more of the overall project gets unveiled.

Image courtesy of Microsoft News


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