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Netflix, the global streaming giant, can get some pretty off-the-wall ideas when it comes to their original content sometimes. That might be one reason they are working on a limited streaming series featuring celebrity newsmaker Paris Hilton. What is the show about? Back in January 2020 the socialite posted a video of herself cooking. The results may not have been restaurant-level dishes or equal to anything one might expect from a run-of-the-mill TV cooking show; but it did become viral online. And that is probably what Netflix is aiming for, considering their planned program is more of Paris Hilton cooking. tells us that Netflix announced a new upcoming limited series, “Cooking with Paris,” this past Monday, July 12. From the promotional visuals themselves, one can tell that this show will not be anything like a cooking program aficionado might expect. The fact that the streaming service put quotations in “A Netflix ‘Cooking’ Series” probably tells everything about the culinary skills of the host, Paris Hilton the “celebutante” scion of the Hilton hotel chain. “Cooking with Paris” will be delighting Netflix watchers with the 40-year-old media personality’s showcase of cooking ability, or lack of them.

More word from the Netflix press release regarding this new streaming series, blatantly describes it as “the traditional cooking show turned upside-down,” where Paris will show off her domesticated side by learning rather than showing off culinary mastery. Since Hilton is not pretending to be a trained chef or anything, she will be aided by celebrity guests who will help her navigate recipes, from shopping for ingredients at the grocery, to preparing the meal in the kitchen (learning to handle utensils and appliances), and finally the presentation of the finished meal. And who knows? Maybe the lessons will stick and Paris does gain culinary knowledge.

“Cooking with Paris” will premiere on Netflix this coming August 4. It will run for about six episodes, but Paris Hilton might look into seeing the show go on for longer. She has mentioned back in May 2020 that she recorded more cooking videos beyond the one that went viral earlier that year. Hilton also revealed that she was working on an actual cookbook, although this was delayed from the original release the year before.

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