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When “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” brought actor Adam Driver to the mainstream consciousness, people took notice of his intensity in portraying the sinister First Order agent Kylo Ren. The following films only served to cement Driver as a Mister Fanservice to fans. It especially helps that he is a very skilled actor, as seen in the 2019 Netflix film “Marriage Story” where he held his own against costar Scarlett Johansson, and got nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in 2020. But the hotness of Adam Driver only reached incredible heights this week following a commercial he did for Burberry where he becomes a centaur.

You read right. As USA Today puts it, a new ad for cologne from the British luxury brand Burberry that came out this past Wednesday, July 28, has got fans of Adam Driver screaming their lungs out with glee. And who can blame them? The “Burberry Hero” commercial is one minute of Driver in dark athletic pants and nothing else, racing a horse across a beach and into the water. The camera alternates cuts between actor and horse as they swim through the waves, and with a camera trick or two, it was as if the two have combined on the way back to shore.

Social media in that corner of the internet exploded with discussion and praises sung for the lean but fit Driver as seen in the Burberry commercial. Some joked that this ad might actually win him an Academy Award or something, while the Twitter page of HBO satire late-night talk show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” comically hinted that the program’s host, British-American comedian John Oliver who has publicly admitted a man-crush on Driver, may be too distracted to tape new episodes of the show.

Burberry’s official product blurb on the Burberry Hero fragrance calls it a "new masculine spirit exploring the house codes of duality and the power of the animal kingdom." And Adam Driver turning into a centaur after his race with the horse can be interpreted as metaphor, in which those who use Burberry Hero would undergo a personal transformation into a new man: a Hero. While the real-life effects will not even come close to this commercial, this must be some powerful cologne indeed. The actor did say he was happy to do the ad for Burberry, so he must have confidence in the Hero fragrance.

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