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Filipino showbiz celebrities who make their mark rather evenly on the once-two great pillars of the country’s television entertainment industry are always big draws to viewers. Christian Bautista started out as a contestant on an ABS-CBN singing contest TV show in 2003, going onto a recording career with prominent stints in TV hosting as well as acting – TV, film and his original theatrical stomping grounds. Come 2013 he became a GMA7 talent, doing much of the same multitalented deal. This year, he is close to equaling his time as a Kapuso with being a former Kapamilya, especially with his recent contract renewal, something he is very happy and thankful for.

The latter part is markedly important as puts it. Christian Bautista noted in a virtual conference interview regarding his staying with the GMA Network as a decision that has given him peace of mind. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as the 39-year-old puts it, continues to cut into opportunities in entertainment for many personalities in the industry. With the uncertainty of landing projects, Bautista expressed relief that GMA7 was ready to renew his contract anew. He sees it as the Kapuso Network’s continuing trust and support for his considerable contributions.

“There was nervousness because of the pandemic…because nothing was sure,” says Christian, who describes being renewed with GMA late June as a gift for his family. In his words: “It’s like telling them that, ‘Hey, this company still believes in me, and will allow me to work and provide for my family, while I fulfill my goal of entertaining people’.” And indeed, Bautista has plenty on his plate with regards to entertainment, which he will be carrying on soon enough.

For example, the fourth season of GMA7 reality singing competition “The Clash” is happening later this year, and Christian Bautista is raring to get back in the routine as mentor-coach for a new batch of recording artist hopefuls, helping in the same way he was helped when he joined “Star in a Million” back with ABS-CBN nearly two decades ago. Christian also has hosting duties on other Kapuso shows such as “All-Out Sundays,” but he sees his new Kapuso deal as a chance to record a new single or full album, since “Kapit” in 2017. Lastly, Bautista has been inspired by Alden Richards being line producer for his own virtual concert, and is thinking of trying his hand at production.

With his GMA7 contract renewal, Christian is looking forward to more productive years in entertainment, especially as his 20th year in showbiz comes up which has got him contemplating what else he can do in the industry, and plan accordingly.

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