Wednesday, April 14, 2021

“WOWOWIN” Host WILLIE REVILLAME Confirms COVID Vaccination to Encourage Others


COVID-19 continues to have its annoying way with the world over a year after it was declared a pandemic. Health authorities everywhere agree that the use of vaccines developed at a desperate pace by various pharmaceuticals in order to achieve herd immunity is the most effective way to get a lid on the problem. And indeed, many countries have been pushing their vaccination programs in as fast a pace as can be made. In the Philippines, the next priority vaccine recipients after medical workers, the elderly, are already getting their shots. To overcome any public reluctance, famous celebrities have been enjoining people to get vaccinated.

Among those well-known personalities according to the Philippine Star is comedian and TV game show host Willie Revillame. The host of GMA7 game show “Wowowin,” currently still in its “Tutok to Win” edition with TV audience participation, revealed on the episode aired late afternoon/early evening of Wednesday, April 14, that he has already been given a preliminary vaccination against COVID. From how he relates it, Revillame received a shot of CoronaVax vaccine from Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, and that he is due to receive the second booster shot early May.

“I have been injected with the vaccine,” says Willie during a portion of “Wowowin: Tutok to Win.” “It was the Sinovac. After 14 days, I’m supposed to have about 25 percent (immunity) against COVID.” The veteran TV host explained further that being vaccinated does not necessarily mean that he cannot catch the pandemic anymore. If COVID still takes hold then the symptoms will not be severe, and it be even less likely to kill him. And for the curious, Revillame turned 60 years old, a certified senior citizen, this past January 27. He is therefore part of the Philippines’ second priority group for COVID vaccination.

Willie Revillame notes that he is due for his second dose of the Sinovac COVID vaccine on May 11, which he dates as 28 days after his first shot (meaning his first dose was given on Tuesday, April 13 or a day before he revealed it on “Tutok to Win”). He is said to gain 100 percent COVID immunity 14 days after that booster shot. Willie then thanked the staff of doctors and nurses at the vaccination site where he got his dose, and assured that he felt no adverse effects from the injection aftwerwards.

Image courtesy of GMA News


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