Thursday, April 29, 2021

The End Comes for “CASTLEVANIA” on “NETFLIX” with S-4 TRAILER


When Netflix first revealed in 2017 that they were adapting “Castlevania,” a classic Japanese videogame franchise into an anime-style series (western studio), the reception was a bit of confusion. There was some interest when it was revealed that veteran comic-book writer and novelist Warren Ellis was going to be the show-runner, but the inaugural season of four episodes left expectant fans hanging. Then “Castlevania” season 2 blew the audience’s minds while the following third made for an okay enough post-arc breather moment. Netflix however is ready to drive the story home with its fourth and final season, a trailer of which has just been released.

As Comic Book Resources tells us, streaming giant Netflix has just dropped the trailer for the fourth and concluding season of their “Castlevania” animated series. The recent news that the show was ending with this release had been a surprise, but with what has just been showcased in this near two-and-a-half minutes of sneak peek is an assurance that this swan song with go out with a nice big bang. While there are only a few tidbits brought up from the finale of season 3, there is enough interesting developments to look forward to here.

The trailer begins with vampire hunting duo Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) and Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) ng to the doomed city of Wallachia where the human wife of slain vampire lord Dracula was burned as a witch. They quickly encounter a new threat: vampires and other fanatics using dark rituals and other means to resurrect Dracula. Elsewhere, Dracula’s son Alucard (James Callis) finds himself drawn to battle again, with his trust for humans having taken a blow previously. Carmilla (Jaime Murray) and her sister vampires have succeeded in enslaving Dracula’s forgemaster Hector (Theo James) to create a monster army for them. And Dracula loyalist Isaac (Adetokumboh M'Cormack) is ready to carry out his own human genocide.

Netflix says it best in the trailer description that the end times have come for the world of “Castlevania.” Meta-wise it is also an apt explanation for ending the series at season 4, when certain inappropriate conduct allegations regarding show-runner Warren Ellis led to his being let go by the studio. He had finished his work in the season at that time, and Netflix initially announced that follow-ups merely will not have his involvement. Now it seems decided to just have the series end there.

“Castlevania” season 4 will premiere on Netflix this May 13. Series developer Adi Shankar teased back in 2018 that he hopes to adapt another videogame franchise, perhaps even having it share a universe with “Castlevania,” but no word has come on whether this still holds.

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