Tuesday, April 13, 2021

SIRI Leaks Date of April 20 “APPLE EVENT” through Questioning


Tech companies involved in developing personal assistant software would probably like to promote their assistant as, if not yet able to answer all questions, can at least answer more questions than the other company’s assistant can. But when a tech company like Apple is trying to keep an upcoming special event under wraps, they probably should have taken the time to keep it a secret even from their own personal assistant, Siri. When an Apple device user asked Siri when the company’s “next event” will be, the PA answered that it will be next week.

As The Verge would have it, Apple users have cottoned on to how Siri might be spoiling when Apple is going to hold an upcoming event, probably to showcase some new gadget. Questioning Siri to the effect of “When is the next Apple event?” will have her answering Tuesday next week, April 20. The strange thing is that the event has a venue, the usual place at Cupertino, California’s Apple Park. It even has a link to Apple’s website, particularly the page where they would post notices on any such events they are having, but no occasion dated April 20 has been listed so far.

Testing by The Verge reveals that the April 20 Apple event notice as given by Siri would only sound out on an Apple device that has an Apple ID from a US user. Standard practice by the tech giant regarding events is that they give out invitations a week in advance. Also raising questions is the Apple Park venue. Due to obvious reasons (pandemic) most Apple events in the past have been pre-recorded affairs that are then streamed online. It is hard to tell yet if the situation in California has improved enough that they could have a live audience in Cupertino, but probably not.

Regarding what might be revealed by this Apple event, there are some possibilities. They range from mundane as the new iPad Pros, one with a Mini LED screen, to something major like the official introduction of the location tracking device AirTags, which when stuck to any object can make them visible on the Find My Phone network search software. It may finally see the light of day after its original 2020 launch date never materialized.

Image courtesy of PC Mag


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