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There seems to be just no stopping what potential heights that one particular source of musical Pinoy Pride in this day and age could reach. SB19, that plucky quintet of Filipino youths given K-Pop training by a top South Korean agency, and now a prominent face of the new P-Pop sub-genre of OPM, continue to shine with their songs despite the difficulties of the COVID pandemic. Not even being quarantined for suspected exposure this past March stopped the debut of their latest single “What?” And now, no less than Billboard is giving them their biggest push yet via nomination for Top Social Artist for 2021. reports that the 2021 Billboard Music Awards has tapped SB19 as one its nominees for Top Social Artist, one of two categories in the awards that is decided by online fan vote. The five-man group of Pablo, Josh, Kell, Ken and Justin will find themselves among esteemed company in this category. The other four acts on the running one American diva and three South Korean K-Pop groups. Those would be Ariana Grande, Blackpink, Seventeen and – yes, they went there – the global K-Pop juggernaut that is BTS. SB19 will have a tough popularity fight to get this Billboard Music Award.

As expected, the official SB19 Twitter page crowed the success of the group late Thursday, April 29. Happily greeting the “A’Tin” fan-base, the band expressed gratitude to them for helping make their name a notable idol buzzword online. “We are so grateful for your love and support,” the tweet read. “We wouldn't have come this far without all of you. A'TIN 'TO! Iwawagayway ang WATAWAT!” While the realistic chances of SB19 being named Top Social Artist is slim, with BTS having won that accolade the last four years, just being there is a triumphant step forward, ensuring that SB19’s star will not fade too soon.

Of course, the online A’Tin fandom will help SB19 fight tooth and nail for winning Top Social Artist in this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Social media activity on that end has intensified to get fan voting done. It also helps that Billboard’s LyricFind Global chart has seven SB19 songs at the top ranking alrady. Meanwhile, nothing less than the US Embassy in the Philippines has congratulated the boys on their nomination. Fans can see how this all pans out at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, May 24 (Philippine Time). The event will be hosted by Nick Jonas, viewable on NBC.

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