Wednesday, April 14, 2021

“FAST 9” New TRAILER Takes Car Stunts Up to (Apparently) SPACE


One can never be too sure if a delayed 2020 movie’s current release date this year will stay put, or get moved back further seeing as the COVID pandemic shows no signs of significantly getting better anytime soon. Some major studios have already done so to avoid stepping on each other’s toes premiere-wise. For Universal Pictures’ “F9,” aka “Fast & Furious 9,” their current date of June 25 (after five changes) looks to be set. They even have a new trailer out that hangs an epic lampshade on just how off-the-wall the franchise has gotten, and perhaps off to space?

Screen Rant has to goodies on what little spoilers there are sprinkled on the latest trailer for “Fast 9,” the ninth installment of the remarkably long-running “Fast & Furious” series. It has been suggested by director Justin Lin that this film is the first part of a trilogy that is set to conclude the franchise, meaning a “Fast 11” sometime in the future. Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto is set with his former team of carjacker/mercenaries to take on his most dangerous challenge yet: his embittered younger brother Jakob (John Cena), who is working for criminal mastermind Cypher (Charlize Theron).

Following the harrowing events of 2017’s “Fate of the Furious,” Dom and his wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) have settled down as a family, reminiscing with their friends about the weird shenanigans they had been up to, from crime to being reluctant government assets and more. The peace is shattered when Jakob comes into the scene, looking to settle scores with Dom whom he accuses of abandoning him. This plays into the hands of Jakob’s hander Cypher, whose plans for Armageddon go hand in hand with an obsession for torturing Dom.

But that is really not what the trailer focuses on. The lion’s share of scenes go to Dom’s crew using electromagnets to make their cars do the craziest stunts yet, such as playing demolition derby with an armored land train. Or how about making a car jump off a cliff to be caught midair by aircraft? The money shot must be how Tyrese Gibson and “Ludacris” Bridges launch a car with attached rocket boosters off a high-altitude plane while wearing pressure suits. Are they going for a space shot there? It almost overshadows the awesome return of Han (Sung Kang) from his supposed death in “Tokyo Drift” and “Fast 6.”

Also starring Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel and Helen Mirren, “Fast 9” is shaping up good to premiere on June 25 for the US. Globally, it will start releasing on May 19 starting in South Korea. Here is hoping there are enough cinemas open for that.

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