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Fans of “Game of Thrones,” or to be more precise of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” would like nothing more than for the latter, a series of seven novels (only five published), to be completed. Unfortunately the author, George R.R. Martin, seems to be constantly busy with other work. That means the development of new TV series for HBO, home of “GOT.” Among these shows are prequels, based on other books written by Martin about the history of Westeros and the rest of the “Known World” (not “Planetos”). How invested is he? Martin just announced a key supporting character for “House of the Dragon.”

Seeing as George R.R. Martin is automatically a producer for all adaptations of his “A Song of Ice and Fire” books and all related literary works, it would not be surprising that he can share bits of casting news for some of the upcoming “Game of Thrones” prequel spinoffs that HBO has been simultaneously developing. In his ironically-named personal blog “Not a Blog” Martin revealed that actor Fabien Frankel will portray a Kingsguard knight in “House of the Dragon,” the series based on the companion book “Fire and Blood” chronicling the history of House Targaryen.

In Martin’s blurb, he describes Frankel’s character Ser Criston Cole, knight of the Kingsguard for King Viserys I Targaryen, who ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros from the Iron Throne around 103AC-129AC (his death being 169 years before the start of “Game of Thrones”). Criston was the son of a smallfolk/peasant steward to House Dondarrion of the Dornish Marches (Stormlands-Dorne borderlands). His fighting skills won him knighthood, the favor of the Targaryens and becoming Kingsguard. But his personality causes him to contribute to the instability in the Royal House that would lead to the “Dance of the Dragons” civil war.

Frankel has a connection with one major “Game of Thrones” cast member, sort of. He was part of the cast for 2019’s “Last Christmas” which starred Emilia “Daenerys” Clarke. Earlier, he was involved in the aborted reboot of hit ABC TV series “NYPD Blue,” where he played Theo Sipowicz, the son of original series mainstay Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz). The actor joins Paddy Considine as King Viserys I, Matt smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen, Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower and Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra. “House of the Dragon” is expected to premiere on HBO and HBO Max in 2022.

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