Friday, April 30, 2021

“DEXTER” REVIVAL on SHOWTIME Teases Second Trailer Featuring Dexter “At Work”


Showtime still has not given it an exact date, merely a premiere window of this coming fall. But they are certainly old hands at getting the fandom to celebrate the return of the murderer-hunting serial killer “Dexter” in a 10-episode limited series. The character may have debuted in a book by Jeff Lindsay, the plot of which was loosely adapted into the first season back in 2006, but Dexter Morgan as portrayed by Morgan C. Hall is a distinct persona from how he was in the rest of Lindsay’s books. One example of his fan-magnet personality was showcased in a new teaser released on Thursday.

Indeed, there was another mini-trailer for the return of “Dexter” on Showtime that came out April 29 according to Screen Rant. In a way it is a continuation from the first teaser last week, April 22. The snowy setting is the same, as are the axe on a tree stump and the nearby fire pit. Then week get to the meat of this teaser. The previous one had Morgan C. Hall narrating as Dexter in voiceover. It turns out he was viewing the axe and fire from not far away.

This teaser then cuts to the inside of a house, with a familiar man watching the earlier scene through a glass window: Dexter Morgan himself. There is no voiceover this time, just the BGM of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” (1964) by Nina Simone. Well, like the lyrics say Dexter is a soul (with a Dark Passenger) whose intentions are good (killing confirmed killers who have escaped conventional law enforcement). Then, reflected in the mirrors glass is a struggling shape on what appears to be a bed. Dexter turns away from the window, looks at the trussed-up figure (and the audience, indirectly), then smiles creepily.

“Dexter” will have ten episodes on its limited series revival, following Dexter Morgan, or whatever name he uses now, in a snowy town where he might have moved following the finale of his original series (after his assumed death). The mayor, played by Clancy Brown, is set up to be Dexter’s latest opponent in his secret killings, while Jamie Chung, as a true-crime podcaster, could potentially ruin his secret if he does not act on her. The series will also star David Magidoff, Julia Jones, Alano Miller and Jack Alcott.

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