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In 1991, Paramount Pictures released “The Addams Family,” a feature-length adaptation of the 1964 TV series based on magazine comic characters created by Charles Addams. The film, despite its troubled production at original studio Orion, became a box-office hit that brought the titular loving family with supernatural and macabre tastes back to public consciousness, even getting a direct in 1993. Among the family cast was the then-10-year-old Christina Ricci portraying morbid Goth girl Wednesday Addams, making it one of her most familiar characters, even as she transitioned to grown-up roles. With news of a spinoff series on Netflix followed reports of Ricci’s involvement, not as Wednesday, but as her mother.

According to MovieWeb, there has been a lot of noise regarding casting for the streaming limited series “Wednesday,” spun off from “The Addams Family,” on Netflix, being helmed by filmmaker Tim Burton as his first directorial project for smaller screens. One particular buzz is that there is a push for actress Christina Ricci to be cast as Morticia, the matriarch of the Addamses. While there has been no word that Burton has talked to Ricci about the role, this possibility is one highly endorsed by the fans of the films.

Netflix’s “Wednesday” focuses on the titular Addams Family daughter, now a young adult, as she goes for higher education at the Nevermore Academy. The streaming giant describes the plot as a supernaturally-infused sleuthing mystery, where Wednesday navigates the relationships she builds at Nevermore, while investigating a mass of serial killings in the nearby town, struggles to control her growing psychic powers, and learn a secret involving her parents Gomez and Morticia from 25 years ago. Ricci, now 41, might seem a tad young to play mother to a college student, but then Morticia has always seemed supernaturally ageless in portrayal.

In the original “Addams Family” movies, Morticia Addams was played by Angelica Huston. In character, there is a similarity in looks between her as Morticia and Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams, so the latter actress might just pull off portraying the former character if Tim Burton goes for it. Other names being nominated aside from her include Cate Blanchett and Eva Green. Seeing as the series might spend more time with Wednesday in college, the Morticia role might not be too prominent anyway. There is no word yet on when Wednesday releases on Netflix streaming.

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