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In 2018 when The CW announced details about their Holiday “Arrow-verse” crossover event “Elseworlds,” they included the live-action TV debut of DC character Batwoman, to be played by Australian model-actress Ruby Rose. Her “Elseworlds” appearance served as a backdoor pilot for her own self-titled solo series, which premiered October 2019. Rose however would only retain her role as Kate Kane/Batwoman for the initial season, opting out of the second. Thus the character was (temporarily) written out for a new lead to become the S2 Batwoman. Eventually The CW decided to simply recast, and Rose’s replacement as Kate has been revealed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wallis Day will take over for Ruby Rose as Kate Kane in The CW’s “Batwoman.” The show even has a tried and tested method of explaining how Day will look different from Rose as soon as she is revealed. Kate initially disappeared via plane crash in the start of season 2, and in “Survived Much Worse” airing Sunday, March 21, it is revealed that she was recovered and held hostage, but with extensive injuries leaving her mostly bandaged; post-injury facial reconstruction can be employed as an excuse to introduce a new actor for old characters.

Day is reasonably a veteran in DC TV shows. She portrayed Nyssa-Vex, mother of Jor-El, on the SyFy series “Krypton” (2018-19) which focused on the grandfather of Superman and his alien home-world before its destruction. Granted, going from pure sci-fi to gritty street-level “Arrow-verse” action is still quite different, but Day was a favorite of “Batwoman” viewers to replace Ruby Rose, who departed from the series allegedly due to the long production hours involved in a 20-plus episode TV series. Show-runner Caroline Dries had been planning to bring the original Batwoman back even without her portrayer, to avoid the tired cliché of killing gay/lesbian characters (like Kate Kane) on TV.

At present, the Batwoman mantle in the series is being worn by new lead character Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), an ex-con who finds the Bat-suit from wreckage of Kate’s crashed plane, then uses it to find the people responsible for her adoptive mother’s murder, among them Kate’s criminally-insane sister Beth/Alice (Rachel Skarstein). Ryan’s crusade has been hampered all season by a lingering injury from a Kryptonite bullet wound courtesy of Tommy Elliot (Warren Christie). “Batwoman” airs Sundays on The CW.

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