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“Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice”…The ingredients to create the perfect little girls plus an accidental addition of Chemical X created one of the most iconic new animated series and characters in Cartoon Network during the 1990s: The Powerpuff Girls. From its original 1998-2005 series run, to a 2002 movie, to a 2006-07 anime adaptation, and a short-lived 2016-19 reboot, the kindergartener super-heroines of Townsville have established a solid following. When The CW announced a pilot for a live-action broad-strokes distant sequel premiering 2021, fandom greeted the news with cautious interest. One question was in mind: who will portray the girls?

Entertainment Weekly reports that The CW has cast three actresses who have been making waves in 2010s TV to be the grown-up Powerpuff Girls of their live-action series. It is being developed by Diablo Cody of “Jennifer’s Body” (2009) fame, who is also executive producer along with The CW superhero series show-runner Greg Berlanti. Two veterans of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” on ABC, Chloe Bennet and Dove Cameron, are joined by Yana Perrault, from the “Jagged Little Pill” rock musical by Cody and Alanis Morissette. They are cast as the titular Powerpuff Girls, now in their twenties and in different places from their super-heroic childhood.

Bennet, famed as “SHIELD” Agent Daisy “Quake” Johnson, is going to be Blossom Utonium, erstwhile leader of the Powerpuffs. Now a private person with anxiety issues, she is a far cry from the “perfect child” she was in her youth, and desires to take up leadership again but for her own sake. Cameron (voice of Gwen Stacy/Ghost-Spider in “Ultimate Spider-Man” and “Marvel Rising”) will portray Bubbles, the cute one of the team who retains some celebrity in adulthood. While outwardly sweet, she also has a hidden tough and mean side. Perrault is cast as Buttercup, the former bad-ass Powerpuff who was more sensitive than people think, and the most-distanced from her past, living in anonymity.

Although all three are living their own lives, the call to be heroes arises once more with the emergence of new threats and evils to confront and vanquish. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup must team up anew to face these problems. Each has their own reasons to return and their own expectations on what their reunion will bring for themselves; but as they try to fight crime and save the world again, maybe their individual wants could change to something more?

A pilot for “The Powerpuff Girls” is due to come to The CW sometime this year. Original cartoon creator Craig McCracken is not involved in the production, but has expressed his support for Berlanti, and curiosity on what the creative team came come up with.

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