Thursday, March 4, 2021

SMART Gets Actor CHRIS EVANS Telling All to “LIVE SMARTER” in New “SMART AKO” Commercial


By now it can only be said that Smart Communications is a master at getting foreign celebrities to be its brand ambassadors. When in May 2020 they got Hyun Bin, then recently a big name due to “Crash Landing on You,” to shoot an ad for their “Smart Ako” campaign, customers were impressed. Then they got his leading lady Son Ye-jin to do another ad, and the Netflix-watching public was blown away. Smart countered Globe’s engagement with Blackpink by getting BTS as brand ambassadors. Three pillars of contemporary South Korean entertainment for Smart? That was incredible. But snagging Captain America? Now Smart is just flexing.

It is true, oh so true. Chris Evans, Captain America of the MCU, is the latest brand ambassador for Smart Communications as told by Cosmopolitan PH. The major Philippine wireless telco surprised customers and curious fans anew when on Thursday, March 4 they released a new commercial featuring the Hollywood actor in line with their current advertising campaign: “Live Smarter for a Better World.” The ad features Evans as himself, but the monologue he gives throughout the commercial could have easily come from the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan that he portrayed for Marvel Studios.

The ad sees Evans racing through an elevated coastal highway on a motorcycle, musing how people have individual beliefs pulling them in different directions, but reminding listeners that our actions affect the world. He notes that the world is on “reset,” referring to the global pandemic and the start of recovery. But that leaves people with a choice: to live just “good,” or live “better.” Like the stars of “Crash Landing on You,” Chris ends his commercial with the now-familiar Filipino reply: “Simplé, Smart Ako.”

As Smart senior VP Jane J. Basas puts it, working with Chris Evans was an honor for the telecom provider. “He captivated the world for being a hero not just in film but also in real life by using his influence to help shape a better world for all,” she says. “By lending his star power and appeal to support our campaign, we hope to inspire more people to bring out the hero within them and unleash their own power to help change the world—one positive action at a time." With Captain America giving voice to those sentiments, that outcome appears even more likely.

Image courtesy of The National


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