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“Resident Evil,” that best-selling videogame franchise from Japanese developer Capcom, has been considered to be the benchmark when it comes to portraying zombie apocalypses on electronic entertainment. Nowhere is this more prominent than in the initial titles on the original PlayStation. The second game, 1998’s “Resident Evil 2,” would see a gorgeous remake in 2019 for the then-current-gen consoles. It also featured voice acting, with recast talent for the lead characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who have gained more regular VAs in past “Resident Evil” games after “2.” Meanwhile, Netflix has announced a CG animated sequel/spinoff of “RE2,” and have brought back the remake’s voices to reprise their roles. tells us that Netflix has begun teasing some official images for “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness,” their CGI series based on the popular “Resident Evil” survival horror games from Capcom. First announced in September 2020 for a Netflix release this year, “Infinite Darkness” is being produced by Japan’s TMS Entertainment with animation from Quebico. The streaming giant has confirmed on social media late Thursday, March 11, that for the English dub voiceover they have cast Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello as Leon and Claire, back from their work in the 2019 “Resident Evil 2” remake.

When they first voiced the characters in the “RE2” remake, Apostolides and Panisello have been the first notable changes to the English voice actors of the franchise. Previous post-PSX “RE” titles with Leon have used veteran VA Matt Mercer, while Claire has been voiced from the very beginning by Alyson Court, in four “RE” games and 2006 animated movie “Resident Evil: Degeneration.” While franchise fans noted the vocal dissonance in the remake, which returned the characters to younger ages, they eventually supported the new talent, and have reacted positively to the announcement of Panisello and Apostolides’ return for “Infinite Darkness.”

Netflix also revealed the first plot blurb for their animated series, canonically set after the events of “Resident Evil 4” (released 2005). It follows former cop Leon Kennedy (Nick Apostolides), now a Federal Agent, who is reunited with fellow Raccoon City survivor Claire Redfield (Stephanie Panisello), now a volunteer for humanitarian-environmental NGO TerraSave, after a chance meeting at the White House. Leon is investigating hacks into encrypted White House files while Claire presents possible evidence of a new viral-zombie outbreak overseas. But when people in the White House start turning into zombies themselves, the two must team up to survive and uncover another terrifying mystery.

“Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness,” is due to premiere on Netflix streaming sometime this 2021, another addition to their videogame adaptations.

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