Sunday, March 7, 2021

iMAC PRO Possibly DISCONTINUED After Remaining BASIC Model in APPLE STORE Marked “Available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST”


When it comes to personal computers with an all-in-one configuration (all internal components in same casing as display), Apple is likely the first brand name that comes to mind, and nothing encapsulates their expertise in all-in-one PC design than the iMac series. Since the original in 1998 the Apple iMacs have been a top choice for users who want a computer for personal and creative use. That niche was expanded in 2017 when Apple rolled out the iMac Pro, optimized for use as a workstation. Just over three years later however, the model seems to be on its way out.

The Verge has it that Apple may have initiated the gradual phasing out of the iMac Pro. The only model of the all-in-one workstation desktop computer that has remained available on the Apple Store website for some time now has been the basic, no add-ons model, priced at $4,999. They have stopped offering build-to-order iMac Pros before then. But as of last Friday, March 5, the basic iMac Pro item listing on the Apple Store now has the foreboding descriptor, “Available while supplies last.” That pretty much spells out that once those run out, Apple is done with iMac Pro, even if they never said flat-out the model is discontinued.

Apparently Apple has been at work designing a new model of the iMac, which would divert resources from making more iMac Pros. It was after all a one-off variation on the iMac thing as a workstation, something Apple already covers with their Mac Pro towers, the latest iteration of which came out in 2019. About the only detail on this planned new iMac is possibly a bigger screen achieved by removing the characteristic “chin” on its display monitor. The third-gen Mac Pro itself could be getting its own variant, half-sized to the original 2019 release.

While there might be no more iMac Pros to be found at the Apple Store soon, stocks might still be available at most third-party Apple retailers such as Amazon. What is more, they might still have build-to-order options available, unlike the basic variant that is all that is left at the Apple Store right now.

Image courtesy of TechCrunch


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