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Disney+, Paramount+, Apple TV Plus…a lot of those digital streaming platforms sure love putting a plus, word or symbol, on the name. Disney is even worse, as they actually have two services. Where Disney+ and its above-mentioned rivals focus on entertainment, they also have Discovery+, the streaming counterpart to the Discovery Channel. First launched in India on March 2020, with other locations being a repurposing of Dplay, Discovery+ appeared in the US this January, and is making up time to gain prominence. One way is a four-episode special of Discovery Channel program “Expedition Unknown” with Josh Gates, featuring iconic sci-fi comedy-adventure “Back to the Future.”

As Entertainment Weekly has it, an “Expedition Unknown” special called “Expedition Back to the Future” will be arriving on Discovery+ streaming in mid-March. Where presenter Josh Gates investigated mysteries and legends in the show on Discovery Channel, this four-episode series sees him tackling a physical piece of American pop culture. He will be tracking down the famous DeLorean time machine from “Back to the Future,” portrayed by a DMC-1 DeLorean kitted with time machine props. And Gates will be accompanied by the scientist who invented the thing, or at least the actor that portrayed him.

The trailer, which is edited like a movie, sees Gates calling on veteran actor Christopher Lloyd, aka Dr. Emmett Brown on “Back to the Future.” Their job is to find the DeLorean time machine prop car used in filming the movie trilogy by Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, and then deliver it to Lloyd’s costar Michael J. Fox aka Marty McFly, to be auctioned off for the benefit of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which researches possible cures for Parkinson’s disease which has afflicted the namesake actor. The thing is, there are actually seven DeLorean props (one at LA’s Peterson Automotive Museum). Now they have to look for the six.

While Lloyd and Josh Gates go on the DeLorean hunt (and have some laughs along the way), they will also meet up with other “Back to the Future” stars, as they travel the US and learn the fates of the famous time-machine car props. “Expedition Back to the Future” will chronicle their journey when it arrives March 15 on Discovery+.

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