Tuesday, March 9, 2021

DISNEY+ Streaming Now Surpasses 100 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS in Just 16 MONTHS


Close to a month ago, Disney announced that their exclusive digital streaming service, Disney+, has surpassed a milestone that they had estimated would take about four years. Considering the limited coverage of their platform at its 2019 launch, pegging 2023 as the year they will reach 90 million regular subscribers was a cautious deadline. As of January 2021 however, they were already at 94.9 million subs. While the company then set a new milestone for 2024, there is still a million-subscriber mark that looks pretty close to being cleared: 100 million. Considering the pace the subscriber count has been going, surpassing it soon was elementary.

As told by The Verge, Disney+ now has more than 100 million subscribers around the world where it is available. This time Disney made the news known during their annual shareholders meeting. A press release on the matter was given by company CEO Bob Chapek, noting the unprecedented success and growth of their streaming service, and their determination to pay back the subscribers by adopting a new target of releasing new additional content. If more than 100 titles a year is not an ambitious goal, then nobody knows what is.

The fact that Disney+ somehow got past 100 million subscriptions in 16 months or less than a year and half, is getting the attention of the streaming community as a whole. Some analysts however note that subscriber counts do not always reflect revenue gain. To elaborate, some of the Disney+ subs, particularly outside North America, are likely not directly to the main streaming service (which charges subscription rates in dollars), but in affiliated local streaming like India’s Disney+ Hotstar, which has lower rates in the local currency of their covered areas. But in terms of subscriber count alone, the feat of Disney+ cannot be discounted.

Speculation abounds on how the sub count for Disney+ jumped from over 94 million to over 100 million in the first two months of 2021. The likely factors are the popularity of the MCU series “WandaVision,” and the March 5 streaming release of animated film “Raya and the Last Dragon.” So long as Disney churns out these new content and Disney+ originals, the subs look like they will only skyrocket.

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