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The 2017 reboot of Disney’s animated series “DuckTales” was a solid retelling that also contained cavalcade of shout-outs to the larger Disney Afternoon syndicated block of decades past. This got dialed up to eleven in the third and final season, which showed either cameos or one-off supporting roles for other DA series characters. Interestingly, the cameo of “Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers” in S3-Ep4 was silent and fast, due to Disney not actually giving the “DuckTales” show-runners permission to use them. That is because a live-action “Rescue Rangers” film was already in development. A day after the “DuckTales” reboot finished on Disney XD work on the “Rescue Rangers” movie started.

Collider has it that Disney has commenced filming of their live-action “Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers” movie this past March 16, under director Akiva Schaeffer. To celebrate the occasion, Schaeffer posted a set photo on the official Instagram page of his “Saturday Night Live” comedy trio, The Lonely Island. In the photo was one of the production’s clappers, with the film version of the “Rescue Rangers” logo, and the names of Schaeffer as director, and Larry Fong (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”) as cinematographer.

Seeing as principal photography just got started, there is not much to tell about “Rescue Rangers,” a Walt Disney Pictures and Mandeville Films co-production. What is known already are the voice cast for some of the titular Rescue Rangers, led by Schaeffer’s fellow Lonely Islander Andy Samberg as Dale, alongside John Mulaney as Chip and Corey Burton as Zipper the fly. Yet to be cast are cheese-loving rat Monterey Jack, inventor mouse (and Russia’s furry fandom goddess) Gadget Hackwrench, as well as any antagonist character.

Further details about the film were shared by Disney in a December 2020 investor presentation. It is mostly live-action, with animal characters (presumably chipmunks Chip n Dale and the other Rangers) being animated similar to the 2007-15 “Alvin and the Chipmunks” film franchise of 20th Century Fox, which is of course now a Disney subsidiary. The movie will be an exclusive streaming release on Disney+, premiering sometime in early 2022.

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