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In the US there is quite the number of practicing medical professionals who host shows on TV. Right there among the docs who have attained celebrity status on screen is Dr. Mehmet Oz, or just Dr. Oz to many. He has come quite the long way from guesting frequently on Oprah to having his own show on syndication since 2009. While occasionally under fire from critics for his support of alternative medicine, Dr. Oz manages to keep a solid following. He has been a TV personality for so long however that one might forget he is still a practicing medical professional, a cardiothoracic surgeon, even.

On Monday at Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey according to USA Today, Dr. Mehmet Oz reminded the public that his title was well-earned, when he volunteered to aid responders on the scene to revive an elderly man who suffered a heart attack. The medical emergency, a 60-year-old, was at the airport baggage claim carousel on March 1 when he collapsed, as witnessed by Officer Jeffrey Croissant of the Port Authority Police Department. A PAPD statement related that as Croissant cleared bystanders and began CPR on the man, Dr. Oz stepped forward from the crowd and offered to help out.

Dr. Oz was present at NLIA with his family, having just arrived from Florida, when he spotted the emergency. A cardiac arrest was right up his medical specialty, and between him and Officer Croissant, they were able to keep the victim alive until more Port Authority officers arrived with a defibrillator, which finally stabilized his heartbeat. PDPA spokesman Lenis Valens relates that the man was taken to a nearby hospital and placed in intensive care. As for Dr. Oz, he posted on Twitter regarding the incident, encouraging other medically-trained people to volunteer in case of public medical emergencies, and stressed the importance of learning CPR.

In addition to his eponymous syndicated talk show, Dr. Oz is also a member of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition. He may also be up in the future as a temporary celebrity host of a syndicated classic, the game show “Jeopardy!” following a succession of temporary hosts that have taken over since the death of Alex Trebek.

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