Monday, March 8, 2021

BILLY CRAWFORD Explains the Circumstances of His LEAVING ABS-CBN for TV5


When ABS-CBN went off the air, there was speculation on what will happen to its massive stable of talent, from actors to singing artists to hosts and more. While a solid portion of Kapamilya stars remained on the network even as it was forced to shop its programs to cable channels to continue broadcasting, others did go on to find work in the other active stations. Prominent among these “transferees” is heartthrob singer-host Billy Crawford, who would successfully host on TV5 particularly for “The Masked Singer Pilipinas” and their weekday noontime show “Lunch Out Loud.” Amid questions on what spurred him to cross over, Crawford decided to speak on it.

According to The Manila Bulletin, Billy Crawford has set the record straight regarding the circumstances of his moving from ABS-CBN to TV5. In a recent interview with national radio network DZRH, Crawford shut down murmurs that he had parted on bad terms with the Kapamilya network following the latter’s shutdown of its channel. In his statement, the singer-host noted that the expiry of his ABS-CBN contract merely coincided with them going off the air. And with the uncertainty of his getting something to do with the network’s diminishment, Billy decided to sign up with TV5.

“I did not burn any bridges or somehow,” says Crawford. “It was just that, just before the franchise of ABS-CBN lost effectiveness, or just before they could move to renew their franchise actually, my own (talent) contract had also expired.” He had wondered if he had anything to return to at the time when the network shutdown was finalized, and he felt the talent pool and production staff was left in limbo, unsure about what the government decision about the Kapamilya network will turn out.

Billy Crawford also refuted assertions of ABS-CBN fans that he should have stuck it out with the other Kapamilya stars that were determined to stick it out with the network and its limited production output. “For the people upset with me, I suppose it’s normal,” says the 38-year-old. He noted that he has been a channel-hopper for much of his career anyway, and his decision to go Kapatid was in consideration for his family. “For me, if you understand what a person needs, that is what a person should prioritize. I must feed my family.”

Crawford continues hosting “Lunch Out Loud” on TV5. It is uncertain when “The Masked Singer Pilipinas” will start its second season on the Kapatid network, and if he will return as the host if so.

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