Wednesday, March 10, 2021

APPLE Significantly REDUCES Production of Low-Selling iPHONE 12 MINI Smartphone


Not even the COVID-19 pandemic can stop the release of new gadgets during 2020, even if live launch events have to be set aside for virtual unveilings. That year marked the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 12 series. As per previous iterations of this smartphone line, the iPhone 12 had a basic and a Pro edition. One extra model is the iPhone 12 Mini, with the same hardware as the basic 12 but a smaller OLED display. Apple conceptualized this as an option for users who prefer smaller smartphones. Unfortunately they seem to be a disappearing sort, considering how much Apple has dialed down Mini production.

The Verge tells us that Apple has severely reduced production of the iPhone 12 Mini version by possibly more than 70 percent, considering the phone came out with its contemporaries in October of 2020, or four months ago. While the Mini boasted the same specs as the basic iPhone 12, only in a much smaller package, Apple failed to consider that the user demand nowadays is for bigger screens on their smartphones. To hammer home the point, 12 Minis comprised only 10-15 percent of Apple’s iPhone 12 orders last year. This year its sales were 5 percent of the total.

The comparable lack of interest in the iPhone 12 Mini has been so pronounced that some of Apple’s suppliers for iPhone production have gotten instructions for a temporary halt in making 12 Mini components, instead redirecting the freed-up manufacturing to make more components for the 12 Pro and Pro Max. Incredibly however, despite the massive cut on 12 Mini’s production, Apple is still seen to have ramped up making smartphones this year compared to 2020, with 75 million total smartphones expected to be made in the first half of 2021.

Aside from the iPhone 12 Mini, another Apple device that is seeing some production problems (albeit of a different sort) are two upcoming Silicon MacBooks. They were supposed to start manufacture sometime in May or June, but have since been rescheduled for 2021’s second half.

Image courtesy of The Guardian


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