Wednesday, March 24, 2021

“AMERICAN IDOL” S19 Contestant FAINTS Onstage During DUET Performance FEEDBACK


For singers, being mindful of one’s breathing and keeping oneself hydrated before performing is essential. If they mess up they could be hit with dizzy spells or even black out. Aficionados of the “James Bond” franchise would know the urban legend of how singer Tom Jones, while hitting the final note of the theme song for 1965’s “Thunderball,” supposedly fainted in the recording booth. A contestant in the latest season of “American Idol” on ABC got through her duet song performance just fine, but in the aftermath she fainted, causing concern with her fellow contestant, the judges and production staff. tells us that the Monday, March 22 episode of “American Idol” season 19 took a dramatic turn after a contestant blacked out following her performance. The challenge of the episode was “Hollywood Duets,” and that challenge put together contestants Funke Lagoke and Ronda Felton. Their duet piece was “Tell Him” by Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand, and they took to the stage under the duo name of “Melanated Queens.” But during the post-performance feedback with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, Lagoke abruptly fell forward in a faint, hitting the floor face-first.

Following their duet, the judges conferred between themselves on which of the two will advance to the Showstopper/Final Judgment portion. The issue grew somewhat contentious with Bryan and Perry having Richie come up with a tiebreaking vote on whether Lagoke or Felton, or both, will move forward. Richie would begin to speak his feedback on both “Idol” contestants – noting on how Felton started strong with the song but muddled through the rest of it, leaving Lagoke to compensate. When he got to Lagoke however, the singer briefly touched her face before collapsing on the stage.

Funke Lagoke was immediately checked up on by Ronda Felton, a caregiver, while the judges and staff rushed to the stage. Funke was taken to a hospital where she was reportedly treated for dehydration, but eventually released. Bryan also commented on injuries to her chin from falling down that might need stitches. More importantly however, Richie would reveal to a distraught Ronda that she and Lagoke have been chosen to advance. Furthermore, Funke was, according to a show title card, released from the hospital, with the judges affirming that she will return in time for the Showstopper round. It will comprise of two parts airing on ABC from March 28 to 29, followed by a two-part due/solo all-star performance and a Top 16 Idol concert.

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