Thursday, February 4, 2021



There are only two days to go, the conference champions are decided, and so all is set for the NFL Super Bowl LV to decide the overall champion for the COVID-impacted 2020 season. But the imminent clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the latter’s home stadium, plus the Pepsi-sponsored Halftime show headline by Canadian singer The Weeknd, are not the only things to watch out for come Sunday, February 7. There are also the prime commercials produced only for the occasion, to check out. And luckily they are already available for advance viewing online.

Thanks to IGN, said Super Bowl LV commercials, or at least those that have been released so far, are now collected so they can be seen ahead of their official debut during the game proper. As expected, the advertising lineup for the biggest NFL game every year features some veterans of the song and dance. We have Doritos and Mountain Dew (remember Peter Dinklage vs. Morgan Freeman?), Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light, M&M’s (Danny de Vito springs to mind), Tide (Later!), and so on. These brands have Super Bowl commercials nailed down; now all that is left is to see “What do they have cooking this time?”

Did you enjoy your watch? There are some inspired commercials there, such as the reprisal of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as their “Wayne’s World” characters for Uber Eats. How about Amazon downloading Alexa to a Michael B. Jordan body? And then there is Sir Patrick Stewart welcoming all those diverse media content, from “Survivor” host Jeff Probst to Stephen Colbert to James Corden, to Dora the Explorer, to Zachary Quinto-Spock, and much more (Sadako was a surprise), as they all move to Mount Paramount now that they are all available for streaming at CBS All Access, which will be rebranded as Paramount+ March 4.

Enjoy these commercials, then catch them again as Super Bowl LV between the Buccaneers and the Chiefs happens this February 7, as broadcast on CBS.

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