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Some videogame titles in the history of this type of electronic entertainment can be described as having significantly changed the industry and the player community when they came out. There is no argument that “Final Fantasy VII,” a role-playing game developed by Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) and released in 1997, belongs in this group of game-changers. Its audio-visual and story quality were so mind-blowingly successful that, even though the “FF” franchise produced new entries, “FFVII” continued getting multimedia expansion, with spinoffs in games and even movies. The “Final Fantasy VII Remake” on PS4 last year was a highly-welcomed return, even if the story remained incomplete, pending further sequels in the future.

If “Final Fantasy VII” fans thought a follow-up to the remake will be long in coming, they were pleasantly surprised Thursday when Sony dropped some hype-bombs on their latest PlayStation State of Play virtual presentation. It was here, according to IGN, that the first trailers for the PlayStation 5 version of PS4’s “Final Fantasy VII Remake” were revealed. This version, called “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade,” will feature crisper graphics, faster loading performance and a new story episode involving a future party member of the original game, ninja Yuffie Kisaragi.

The new story content for “Intergrade” seems to take place during the time main character Cloud Strife was missing following the second Mako reactor bombing mission. Yuffie shows up in Midgar and contacts a separate cell of the Avalanche eco-terrorist group, presenting herself as an agent of a new government in Wutai, a hostile nation to Midgar and the Shinra Company. With the help of that cell’s leader, new original character Sonon, Yuffie investigates Shinra’s upcoming plans separately while encountering the other FFVII characters (Barrett’s Avalanche cell) on several occasions.

“Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade” will arrive for the PS5 in June 10. PlayStation 4 owners with the original “FFVIIR” who upgrade to the PS5 will receive the version for that console free, even carry over save data, provided that their copy is digital, not physical. Furthermore, they have to pay for Yuffie’s scenario to be added as DLC. The standard version of “Intergrade” is priced at $70, while a “digital deluxe” version that already includes the Yuffie episode plus digital art-book and soundtrack, will be made available for $90.

And these are not the only “FFVII” news that Sony revealed in their State of Play event. They also announced two mobile game spinoffs: “Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis,” a stripped-down compilation of all mainline “FFVII” games that is coming next year, and “Final Fantasy VII: The First SOLDIER,” an FF-themed Battle Royale title that will release sometime this 2021.

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