Monday, February 22, 2021

Possible DISNEY “MAGIC KINGDOM” TV Verse Being Pitched by RONALD MOORE


Despite its massive media library, Disney has not actually been known for creating a shared universe franchise. Their legendary Animated Canon films are for the most part standalone (with some direct sequels). The purported connections between certain animated series on The Disney Afternoon (original “Ducktales” and “Darkwing Duck”) were just teases. The movies based on theme park attractions were also independent of each other. For the most part Disney has relied on media acquisitions like Marvel and Lucasfilm to get their own “verses” in the MCU and the “Star Wars” galaxy. But that might change thanks to a proposal by a longtime “Star Trek” screenwriter/producer.

Yahoo! Entertainment would have it that Ronald D. Moore is conceptualizing multiple connected streaming series for Disney+ that will adapt elements of the Magic Kingdom, aka the centerpiece theme park of Walt Disney World in Florida. That essentially will create a Disney park universe for the small screen. As for how that will work, the first announced series that Moore is working on might shed some light. It is titled “The Society of Explorers and Adventurers,” which will adapt in series form what such Disney franchises as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the upcoming “Jungle Cruise” has done in film.

Moore, who joined up with Disney earlier this month via its TV arm 20th Century Television, will write for the series and serve as executive producer, with his Tall Ship Productions working hand in hand with Disney Imagineering. If successful, additional series all sharing the same setting could follow, with Moore overseeing the potentially-new franchise as it grows and develops. At present, the production is waiting until some senior-level writers are tapped for the project.

Ron Moore has been a part of TV series “Star Trek” beginning with “The Next Generation” in 1988, followed by “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager.” He was also part of the 2004 reimagining of “Battlestar Galactica,” and Starz time-travel historical fiction “Outlander.” More recently he was show-runner of Apple TV+ sci-fi series “For All Mankind,” which depicts an alternate 20th Century where the Soviet Union landed the first man on the Moon, forcing NASA to copy and one-up every milestone the Russians make in space. This series, produced by Sony Pictures Television, will go into a third season without Moore, who by that time has gotten a multiyear Disney deal.

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