Monday, February 1, 2021

NETFLIX Confirms “SONIC PRIME” Animated Series Starring SEGA’s Hedgehog, Coming 2022


When Sega went to seriously compete with Nintendo in the 1990s in terms of gaming hardware and titles, they lucked out with an iconic mascot that could go toe to toe with Super Mario. This was “Sonic the Hedgehog.” From his 1991 debut game on the Sega Genesis, Sonic became a multimedia darling, with comic books from Archie Comics and various animated series produced in that decade. Then in early pre-COVID-panic 2020, Paramount Pictures released a live-action blockbuster that made millions before the lockdowns. It seems a “Sonic” renaissance is coming, if news of a Netflix series is any indication.

Forbes tells us that streaming giant Netflix has scored a new franchise that would make a home in its platform, courtesy of videogame company Sega. It is indeed a new animated series starring Sonic the Hedgehog, as excitedly announced by Netflix on Twitter. The show will be titled “Sonic Prime,” a collaborative effort between Sega and animation house Wild Brain Studio. Developing this series is none other than Man of Action Entertainment, famous for bringing TV audiences such modern-day animated classics like “Ben 10” on Cartoon Network and “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” on Disney XD.

Not much has been revealed regarding details on “Sonic Prime,” other than it will be animated in 3D and that it will premiere on Netflix next year, in 2022. One thing that can be confirmed is that the super-fast hedgehog will likely be given new vocal talent, as his longtime voice actor Roger Craig Smith recently announced his retirement from the role, after voicing Sonic in games and animation since 2010, including Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Interestingly, Sonic as a franchise is turning three decades old this year. Having “Sonic Prime” – and quite possibly a sequel to Paramount’s movie – coming out on Netflix and theaters respectively for the hedgehog’s 31st anniversary, seem like an appropriate milestone.

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