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Ever since they began last week, GMA7 has been posting regular updates to fill out the sprawling cast of “Voltes V Legacy,” their live-action remake of the “Voltes V” super robot anime. For being an imported Japanese media over four decades old, “Voltes” is considered an integral part of Philippine pop culture, so if it would be adapted to live-action, it needs a strong cast balanced between fresh faces (for the young Voltes team) and veterans (for the villains and everyone else). And the Kapuso network has delivered, with nice castings for the five lead pilots and two of the main baddies. This week, more supporting cast members were revealed.

The Philippine Entertainment Portal has kept tabs on the newest additions to the cast of “Voltes V Legacy” as revealed by GMA Network. On Monday, February 15, Epy Quizon and Carlo Gonzales get to round out the quartet that is the Bozanian Earth invasion high command. Gonzales has been confirmed as General Draco, the burly battle commander of the Bozanian forces. Quizon will play the one-horned hunchback Zuhl, chief scientist of the invaders who also happens to carry secret orders from the Bozanian Emperor regarding Prince Zardoz (Martin Del Rosario).

On the evening of Wednesday, February 17, GMA7 added two new names to the cast in the form of Gabby Eigenmann and Neil Ryan Sese. Eigenmann will portray Commander Robinson, father of Volt Lander pilot Jamie Robinson and the highest ranked commander of the unified Earth defense forces. For his part, Sese is going to be Dr. Hook, a protégé of Voltes V co-inventor Dr. Smith, who later takes over the latter’s role as the person in charge at the Voltes base, Camp Big Falcon.

For portraying members of the “Voltes V” cast in the adult age group, these four actors have all the acting chops and experience to serve their roles well. Sese and Epy Quizon have both been on TV programming across the three major Philippine networks, while Carlo Morales has been a solid Kapuso talent, with his latest appearance being alongside cousin Dingdong Dantes in the “Descendants of the Sun” Filipino remake from last year. Lastly, Eigenmann has a great list of past roles in Kapuso series of varying genres. But the common tie between all four is that they have watched the original “Voltes V” anime in their youth or childhood, and are aware of the responsibilities they have to deliver quality acting for the remake.

Previous cast announcements for “Voltes V Legacy” include the Voltes team of Miguel Tanfelix, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, Raphael Landicho, Ysabel Flores and Liezel Lopez.

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